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Knives are one of those cooking tools where it’s not just nice if you have a place to store them—you need a spot to put them. Safety is the name of the game as far as keeping ultrasharp, pointy objects out of the way when not in use, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Whether you want your tried-and-true chef’s knife tucked away or your whole collection out on display, our favorite kitchen knife storage ideas span both solutions. Plus they work wonders in tiny rooms as well as large ones with lots of countertop space. 

Ahead, we rounded up five cutting-edge ways to store all your sharp-edged essentials and 10 shoppable items to get you started. 

The Small Space–Friendly Kitchen Knife Magnet Strip

When you don’t have counter space or a lower drawer to sacrifice, look to the wall for a hand (even Julia Child used these basic strips in her jam-packed kitchen, displayed in a vertical fashion). The pro: You can load them up with more than just blades—whisks, scissors, and other accoutrements made out of metal are welcome. 

Try it out: Amazon’s top-selling version has more than 24,000 positive reviews and comes in under $20. If you want something on the aesthetically pleasing side, consider a strip wrapped in dark-stained wood.  

The No-Fail Countertop Kitchen Knife Block

This ergonomic holder lets you keep your slicers and dicers an arm’s length away from where you’re working, be it closer to the sink or by the stovetop. 

Try it out: Take the security of the magnetic strip and pair it with the convenience of a block with Zwilling’s whitewashed wood pick. Appliance brand Smeg also makes a piece that can hold seven knives. Who said your knife storage and refrigerator can’t match? 

The Out-of-Sight, In-Drawer Kitchen Knife Storage Solution

In mind but always out of sight, stowing your knives in a lower drawer creates an instantly tidy-looking kitchen. Take a page out of Form Kitchens’s book and dedicate said millwork to all your long and awkward tools, carving out narrow niches for strainers, small pots, and measuring cups. 

Try it out: Save some money and go the noncustom route with holders that can easily slot into your existing cabinetry. Both of these finds have multiple tiers for storing different-length blades and can be sneaked into drawers that are a minimum height of 3 inches. 

The See-Through Kitchen Knife Stand

Somewhere between a block and a magnetic strip, there’s a clever stand. This fix soaks up minimal prep space, as knives don’t protrude outward, and it also lets you see exactly what you’re going for, so you know whether you grabbed your bread knife or boning knife every time. 

Try it out: Like any transparent accessory, Mercer Cutlery’s steel and glass solution doesn’t take up visual space, thus creating the illusion of more room. If you’re starting completely from scratch, invest in Material’s chic stand, which comes with the purchase of its essential three-piece knife set 

The Island Divider with Room for Kitchen Knives

Kitchen islands aren’t just for good looks or overflow seating. Utilize some of that bonus countertop area for sleek storage that looks almost built in. 

Try it out: Henrybuilt’s Gibraltar island design features its signature bar block, which has slots for cutting boards, spices, utensil trays, and, of course, knife blocks. The whole thing, though, will run you a cool $21,000, at minimum, so consider re-creating the natural divide with Zwilling’s Jenga-like magnetic block design. Chop-chop.

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