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Artist and interior designer Kerri Rosenthal‘s shop embodies her love and passion for color. Her dynamic collections are presented in a conceptual format, transitioning into something new every two months. Driven by art, each concept revolves around a color story, emulating Rosenthal’s current cravings. Her work, which is constantly evolving in scale and scope, is driven by the desire to seek new ways to broaden the range of her ever-growing collections. We got the exclusive peek inside Rosenthal’s Winter Concept installation and learned a little bit more about the artist’s creative process. Take a look!

Describe the inspiration for your shop’s design. What aesthetic were you seeking?

My vision for the concept gallery was for it to be an eclectic curation of art, interiors, and fashion – a mix of everything that I personally love and covet. It’s sort of a new take on gallery design – merging art with great interiors, fashion, and accessories. The vibe of the space is super chic, but very relaxed and comfortable. When people walk in we want them to be inspired by things they have never seen before, but to also feel at home.

As a “concept gallery” we transition the shop every two months – the concept design is always driven by the color palette of my art work. Right now, our Winter Concept is entitled “Drop Cloth”. For the new year, we felt the need to cleanse our color palette, so we took all the hues we love down to their bare minimum and amped up the texture and cozy factor. We call our current vibe – “Etre Naturel” – think St. Barths meets Aspen. In the shop you will see a blend of whites and neutrals coupled with driftwood grays, washed yellows, and soothing mints. It’s our current frame of mind.

What did you splurge on when it came to the décor? 

We splurged on some of our bespoke woods and custom furniture (part of the XOKR Collection). We also just expanded our new Interior Design Studio (Space + Co.) within the concept gallery to allow us a beautiful space to meet with clients.


We (sort of) skimped on the lighting in our studio. It’s very easy to break the bank and buy everything high-end, but we found some really amazing, cost-effective lights that look super chic. I want the space to show people that you can mix high and low in a very sophisticated way, and I think that’s why people are attracted to what we are doing right now.

The best part of what I do is:  

I love that my work never feels like “work”. I’m grateful that I get to wake up every day and feel passionate about what I am doing – passion has always been my driving force. I love art, I love interiors, I love fashion, and I’ve found a way to merge all of those interests under one roof. I also love that I get to work with so many incredible people in such an intimate way, by helping them design their homes and create the aesthetic for how they live.

Where do you seek inspiration for the things you make?

I am a very visual person and I find inspiration in my day-to-day, regardless of where I go. I am also a huge book collector so I am constantly devouring my books and looking for things that excite me. Blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest are a wonderful source when I am craving a little screen time.

If I weren’t an


 I would be 

a great chef (I’m the worst cook!).

I’m 10 times more productive when…

I am up against a deadline and have several different projects all happening at once. I thrive on a bit of creative chaos. It’s when I do my best work.

Describe a typical day in your life:

I wake up very early, around 5 AM. I love being alone in my kitchen with my coffee and my computer, catching up or preparing for my day. I take my teenage kids to school and then back home to meet my trainer. My latest obsession is boxing. Then my day really depends on whether I am scheduled to be in my studio painting or at the shop/design studio, meeting with clients for the homes we are designing. These days, a lot of my time is spent working with my team on designing the 2018 Collection for XOKR, our new line of fabrics, wallpaper, and furniture.

What I love the most, is that every day is always different and that’s what keeps me creatively inspired. I try to get home from work around 6PM so I can spend time with my family for dinner. Thankfully, my husband is a great cook! And then it’s wind down time with my family and a little guilty pleasure TV-watching (HBO or Bravo) and then lights out around 10pm.

My shop in three words:

Inspiring, curated, and colorful.

Color scheme you’re currently craving:

While I am very much a neutral girl at heart, at the moment I’m loving the mix of strong hues like red and hot pink or fuschia, and orange and green. The more spontaneous, the better! I think the world is finally embracing color. I also feel that fashion, art, and interiors are merging now more than ever. Mixing unconventional colors in art has always existed but I see this trend drifting into interiors, and for sure into fashion.

Visit the shop at 10 Sconset Square in Westport, CT!