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Nestled in the heart of Mexico City, El Moro Churrería has been on every foodie’s must-visit list since 1935. Now, it’s attracting design lovers, too. The churro shop, which has been passed down from generation to generation, recently received a modern revamp courtesy of Cadena + Asociados Concept Design. Here, we get the details behind the design inspiration from Rocio Serna, who heads creativity and strategy at the design firm, as well as what’s on the menu.

How did you incorporate Mexico’s history into the design?

Acquired in 1935, this churro shop would see the height of the iconic Golden Age in Mexico. During this time, Art Deco style dominated the city’s poster ads, movies, fonts and architecture, and became a perfect starting point on building the creativity behind the design. By incorporating Mexico’s rich history, it emotionally connects people today with the collective subconscious of the past, and this creative perspective has become the true DNA of El MORO®.

What were the design goals for this project?

El MORO® has been one of the most popular images of daily life in Mexico City, enthralling different audiences due to its unrepeatable authenticity and rich flavor which offers the best hot chocolate and churros in the country’s capital. Understanding El Moro’s family values and history in order to merge and input them into a new strategic vision was the guiding principle in this project. Classic wall tiles became the main source of inspiration, along with stained glass windows and products that have set El MORO® apart and delighted its customers for generations.

Tell us more about that amazing wall tile.

With minimalist expression as the goal, it was important to have a chromatic palette born from the unmistakable mosaics that give the brand its personality. The stark white contrast to the vibrant blue is inspired by the color of sugar.

Apart from the iconic churros, what else is on the menu?

El MORO® offers a variety of hot chocolates ranging from classic Mexican hot chocolate to French hot chocolate with a touch of vanilla. To further satisfy your sweet tooth, we also have consuelos, which are our version of the ice cream sandwich. These use the creamiest ice cream flavors sandwiched between two layers of churro cakes and dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Finish it off with a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy sightseeing one of the coolest cities right from our patio.