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If you’re a bubble bath kind of person, soaking in a plasticky alcove bathtub-shower combo is probably not your idea of relaxing. A deep freestanding tub, on the other hand, makes the wind-down activity feel a touch more luxurious. But if you really want to take the spalike vibes to the next level, take a page out of Kacey Musgraves’s book and fill your bathtub via a floor-mounted faucet. The Grammy Award–winning singer shared a snapshot of her bathroom on Instagram Stories earlier this week, and we got a close look at her zen zone and couldn’t help but notice the streamlined, unlacquered brass tub filler. 

Musgraves clearly opted for the zero-fuss, freestanding faucet (note that there’s no extra handle) to ensure the lush view on the other side of that giant picture window was the star of the space. But it’s also a great solution if you want to play around with your room’s layout. Because this style of fixture allows water to be plumbed up through the floor, your tub doesn’t have to be squished up against a window or a wall. With a floor-mounted filler, you can even put your tub in the middle of the room.

We scoured the Internet for clean-lined, floor-mounted tub fillers so you can steal Musgraves’s look. Just be sure that whatever option you choose is closer to 6 inches above your tub (any higher and you risk water splashing).