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Not to be dramatic, but I’m pretty sure tiled coffee tables are about to be the next big thing. This premonition came, as many ideas and predictions do, as I scrolled my Instagram Explore page. Within mere minutes, I stumbled upon an image that gave me pause. In front of a sleek sofa the color of a golden loaf of sourdough stood a long, squat, relatively narrow table. It was made entirely of pink tiles. I was immediately enamored.

Designed by Ikon København (that’s Ikon Copenhagen, for all you non-Danish speakers out there), these tables are handmade in Denmark in colors that include pink, baby blue, white, and black. But it wasn’t just the coffee table that caught my eye. Ikon København also offers taller console tables, vases, and cubes that function as side tables or stools (and can be seen in a few of The Wing’s locations).

Founded by sisters Amalie and Sarah Thorgaard, Ikon København launched in 2016 with the mission to “create furniture of a high quality that doesn’t compromise aesthetics.” Now sure, plenty of brands have delivered furniture that’s made to last and looks good, but there’s something special about this Danish brand that sets it apart from the crowd. It could be that the texture and colors of its offerings seem primed for an audience that wants to Instagram its tabletops.

It could also be that this material (tile) has been placed in a spot where you normally wouldn’t find it (that would be any place other than the kitchen or bathroom). The result is pure whimsy that doesn’t stray too far from convention.

Now, where might you put such a table? We have a few ideas.

Combine it with another table

Not sure if you want to spring for a full coffee table? Consider getting all the real estate you need by placing two cubes next to each other or a cube next to a more basic coffee table. Either way, you’ll have enough room for all your snacks as you settle in to binge Game of Thrones.

Use it in your entryway

The tall, narrow console table works great… well, a console table, of course. Opt for the shorter version to make the most of a small entryway and don’t forget to prop a few objects of interest on top. Consider using it as a surface to display a homemade floral arrangement or to highlight a piece of artwork placed just above it.

Keep it in a tiny kitchen

No place to eat your breakfast in peace? The long console table is narrow enough to work as a countertop in the smallest kitchens. Set it close to a wall if you’d like to arrange chairs on either side or directly against a wall for more of a bar-like feeling.

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