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Welcome to The Deep Dive, a series in which we search high and low for the best of the best in any decor-related category, from modern chandeliers to outdoor chairs. Next up: coffee tables.

A good coffee table is hard to find. An affordable one, decidedly more so—and having to forgo style in order to stay within the confines of a budget isn’t a compromise we’re keen on making.

Whether it’s the focal point of your living room, a catchall for your curated art book collection, or a base for fresh florals and found objects, a coffee table’s purpose is multifold. It’s there to complement the sofa, double as a landing spot for the essentials, and—at its core—tie the decorative elements of the space together. That’s why we searched high and low for the design-forward pieces that look anything but budget. Your instant living room refresh starts here.


If You Lack Transparency…

Small-space dwellers, listen up. When you’re lacking square footage, every inch of available floor space makes a difference, even if it’s from a purely visual standpoint. This is where an acrylic, glass, or see-through coffee table proves itself useful, marrying form and function with effortless ease.

If You Want to Keep It Classic…

Rectangular coffee tables may get all the attention, but there is no denying the appeal and effortless cool of an understated round table. Be it Scandinavian inspired, lustrous and glam, or rustic, a circular table’s key selling point is that it’s the ideal place to gather round.

If You Want to Make a Statement…

For those who have the floor space to spare and are looking for an eye-catching detail, to boot, take the sculptural route. The picks ahead may be bulky and grand, but there is no mistaking the major dose of style they’ll bring.

If You Have an Issue With Clutter…

We get it: Staying organized is tough. Cue these fresh finds, which function as the ultimate source of storage, cleverly concealing the random odds and ends that can accumulate in a living room.


If You Could Use a Pop of Color…

A splash of color—courtesy of an unexpected source, such as this staple—is a foolproof way to infuse your space with a burst of personality. Not to mention that it can also double as a focal point.

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