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As deadlines—for work, holiday shopping, and party planning—loom, it’s easy to find yourself affected by end-of-year stress. Anxieties can, unfortunately, make any sense of holiday cheer dwindle, in addition to putting extra pressure on your physical and mental health, relationships, and general well-being. Luckily, a few new products can help you to relieve stress in time to ring in the New Year with ease.

Whether you’ve gotten a headache from holiday travel plans, your workload has given you insomnia, or you’re generally riled by a combination of assorted stressors, the right antidote will help you to calm down and find some much-needed balance. Not sure which pick is right for you? Read on to find out.

Most Likely to: Maintain Your Already-Good Mood

All the Moods, Cap Beauty ($28)

This blend of adaptogens provides natural support for balanced emotions, making it a great everyday stress aid that can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed in more trying times. This set comes complete with six travel-friendly blends that can all provide relief in different ways. Need a lift? Opt for “Bliss Booster.” Need a wind-down? “Calming Adaptogen” has got your back.


Most Likely to: Give You a Great Night’s Sleep

Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket, Blanquil ($249)

Weighted blankets have started making headlines for their anti-insomnia abilities, but if you’re a hot sleeper, they can sound more nightmare-inducing. Now, there’s a cooling option for those who favor the cold side of the pillow each and every night. The pressure will work its magic (or science, rather) to quell anxiety, and the cooling factor will keep you totally comfortable.

Most Likely to: Let You Get It All Out There

Sometimes, no matter what you might be feeling, it’s important to simply talk to someone. Basis enables users to virtually connect with specialists (who have completed a comprehensive training course developed by Stanford psychologists) at any time or place that’s most convenient for them. A 45-minute session is $35—no subscription required.

Most Likely to: Make You Take Deep, Conscious Breaths

The Shift 14k Gold, Komuso Design ($115)

A whistle-like necklace designed to help you slow your breaths can be just the thing to turn to in extra-stressful moments. All you have to do is exhale through it, and as a result, your heart rate will slow and your mind and body will start to calm down. Sometimes it helps to have a little extra guidance, even when all you’re doing is breathing.

Most Likely to: Help You Chill Out

relax tincture
Relax Tincture, Zizia ($32)

Made with kava root and rose—two natural ingredients that promote nervous system relaxation—this herbal tincture can be taken orally whenever you need it. If you’ve ever had kava tea, you know the ingredient’s soothing benefits firsthand. Just add a dropper to a splash of water or take it directly by mouth, and you can easily quell travel anxiety, general stress, and even aches and pains.


Most Likely to: Give You Some Relaxing Relief

aromatharapy stress relief
Stress Relief Aromatherapy, True Botanicals ($36)

Aromatherapy has long been an easy way to abate all kinds of stresses and bad moods, but this rollerball makes it even easier. A blend of tarragon, frankincense, and sandalwood, these emotionally calming oils can be applied behind your ears, on your wrists, or on your temples when you need relief.

Most Likely to: Manage Serious Stress

500mg CBD, Lily ($99)

It’s no secret that CBD is taking over as one of the buzziest wellness ingredients around. The hemp-derived supplement can ease stress and anxiety while also helping you to maintain concentration and productivity, in addition to helping with achy muscles and inflammation. It’s an ingredient that can easily become a welcome addition to your everyday wellness routine, and when it comes in the simple form of this oil blend, it can be added easily to your coffee, water, or wine or it can simply be taken orally.

Most Likely to: Wind You Down After a Long Day

sleepy bath bomb- lush
Sleepy Shower Bomb, Lush ($3)

Few things are as soothing as a hot bath after a long day, but sometimes, there’s simply no time to scrub the tub and draw up gallons of water. Lush has introduced shower bombs, which can easily fit into the busiest person’s schedule. This lavender-scented option turns into the dreamiest, creamiest foam that will help prepare you for a great night’s rest.

Most Likely to: Instantly Reduce Tension

relax tincture
Relax Organic Lavender and Vetiver Body Oil, Yoganda ($34)

After a hot shower, it’s crucial to properly hydrate, and an easily absorbed body oil always manages to do the trick. This relaxation-promoting pick relieves tension and calms stress with the help of its lavender and vetiver scents, in addition to encouraging deep sleep. Consider this the one thing your nighttime routine is missing.


Most Likely to: Vanish the Physical Effects of Stress

Anti-Stress Superhero, House of Aenea ($265)

Stress and anxiety are felt inwardly, but they reveal themselves physically: That’s precisely why this serum was developed. Stress-induced hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol, as well as environmental stressors, like pollution, have a negative impact on skin, resulting in redness, inflammation, and dull skin tone. Shown to improve complexions after just two weeks, this product will help you look (and feel!) like you’re on your A game, even when times are trying.

Most Likely to: Calm You Down in 30 Minutes or Less

Functional Fragrance, The Nue Co. ($155)

This fragrance is not your typical perfume: It’s specially formulated to dissolve stress as soon as 30 minutes after you first spritz it on. Its olfactory blend works to calm your nervous system, resulting in a feeling of relaxation (in addition to a smoky, woodsy scent). Your new signature scent has an unexpected superpower.

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