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Photography by nicole franzen photography

If post holiday blues have set in hard, don’t let them get you down. Try eight ways to take down the tree, while bringing in something else uplifting, too!

Make A Party Of It When else is a better time than post-holiday cheer for a fun get together with your best gals? Make some delectable cocktails and put on your favorite romcom for a fun and relaxing night, spent taking the tree down and starting January off on the right foot.

Photography by midwestliving.com

Keep The Ornaments Out For Just A Bit Longer If parting with the holidays feels reminiscent to ripping off a bandaid, go for a much more seamless transition to ridding your space of holiday decor. Place your favorite ornaments in a glass jar to make for a festive tablescape. (Be sure to take it down by the end of January, though.)

Photography by blog with a mom

Make Taking Down The Tree A Time To ‘Spring Clean’ It might not be the most favorable thing to do, but since you’re taking the tree down anyway, why not tidy up the rest of your space? Donate clothing you no longer wear, dust the hard-to-reach places, and soak in the much more (minimal) vibes of your space.

Photography by sand and sisal

Replace Christmas Decorations With Wintry Ones Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean you have to completely rid your space entirely of holiday decor. Keep the snowmen out a little bit longer and place candles atop birchwood blocks for a peaceful way transition into the cooler months.

Photography by west elm

Buy Yourself A New Ornament One of the best things about the post-holiday season is all the deals you’ll score on discounted ornaments—you’re more than likely to find things at more than ½ off of their original price. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to next year.

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Keep Your Place Evergreen If the Christmas tree is (sadly) sitting on the curb, there’s an easy fix to get out of post-holiday blues: a new plant! Go for a fiddle leaf fig tree or a fun snake plant to bring some greenery–and fresh air—to your space.

Photography by loeffler randall

Treat Yourself To A Mani + Pedi If taking the tree down makes you feel all sorts of melancholy, trick yourself into thinking the activity is fun by rewarding yourself after the fact. Head to your local nail salon and get pampered with a mani +pedi. Cause who doesn’t love having their nails done… especially during the winter?

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Make A Reading Nook If the nook (where the tree once lived) seems more lackluster than usual, head to your local flea market for a vintage chair—or do some fun rearranging in your space–and create a quaint reading nook in it’s place. Place some of your favorite books on a nearby table to jump start the habit of reading in your (new) cozy corner.