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by Cora L. Diekman

monogrammed letters

DIY as little or as much of these clever letters as you like. Craft stores offer them ready made, or opt for unfinished versions for a fun holiday craft – paint, stamp, glitter, or decoupage for a personal touch.

cookie cutters

2 for 1! This topper does double duty as a glam bow alternative and stocking stuffer. Love that!

wrap the gift….with the gift

Love, love, love this clever idea for gifts wrapping themselves, complete with a bow alternative in the form of a chic brooch.

die cuts and stickers

For a simple, modern approach to gift toppers, try die cuts or stickers in holiday-inspired shapes. Stars are always in season and on-so-so appropriate for the season.

seasonal greenery

Rosemary, evergreen clippings, or even snippets from your own Christmas tree make gorgeous, organic gift toppers that create a look that’s rustic-chic.

silk flowers

Don’t underestimate the posh power of silk flowers, which have come a long way since those sad, dusty bouquets you remember from childhood. A single silk flower makes a glam gift topper, especially in season-appropriate colors like winter white.

colorful twine

For a way simple ribbon alternative, wrap gift boxes in strands of colorful twine and tie a row of small knots with neatly trimmed ends – a look with enough whimsy for adults and kids alike.

gold leaf

Give organic toppers a glam gold upgrade with metallic spray paint for an instant, budget friendly idea.

holiday candy

Fun for kids and adults, seasonal candy makes for a colorful, eye-catching topper. We also like candy canes for this idea, but securing any favorite candy bar or sweet treat would totally work.


Real or artificial, feathers make for a unique topper idea. They also offer a wider range of color options when you’re so over red and green.


We’re loving this idea for kids! Keep them busy coloring with the gift wrap and clever crayon topper until it’s time to open. Genius!


Secure with glue, twine, or tape for a simple no-fuss bow alternative.

craft store finds

This magic wand is lovely, but certainly not the only craft store find that would make a fab gift topper. Browse your favorite craft shop and keep an open mind other for out-of-the-box topper ideas.


Use traditional or paper doilies for an old-fashioned topper alternative. We’re loving the paper version for their ability to be personalized (think stamps, glitter, stickers, or even your neatest handwriting).

christmas ornaments

Top their gift with yet another gift in the way of a glam Christmas tree ornament. Opt for something durable and eye-catching, like these metallic glitter-coated snowflakes – a topper they’ll be delighted to reuse year after year.