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It’s not really Christmas until your home is full of shiny things and smells like pine. Here are a few loosened up takes on traditional decorations to usher in that yuletide feeling. 

dressed-up wreath

Instead of hanging one above your fireplace, establish a focal point by using a mirror to “frame” it. (Particularly unexpected in the bedroom.) Embellish a plain, ready-made version with tiny gold and silver ornaments, which don’t clash with grown-up decor.

welcoming garland

With dialed-down decorations, a classic garland looks chic and relaxed, not prim. Instead of braiding together boughs, save a few hours and buy a rope of pine. Keep things low key with asymmetrically placed ribbons and unkitschy ornaments like these metallic stars and snowflakes.

creative card display

Instead of slapping greetings on the fridge (or, ahem, tossing them), turn them into an evolving installation–which can make the corniest family portraits look cool. Clear off a bulletin board, cover it in wrapping paper or fabric (tack in the back) and compose a collage of notes, ribbons, photos and invitations.

ornate chandelier

A zero-commitment way to glitz up your dining spaces, this hanging centerpiece lets you show off your ornaments without having to sweep up the needles. Plus, if you stay away from a Christmas-centric scheme of all reds and greens, it can remain up through New Year’s Eve. This looks best if you string baubles at different levels with colorful ribbon and don’t go overboard. (As with accessorizing, it pays to take a few items off when you’re done.)

2-D tree

If you want to save a fir (or don’t have space for the real thing), plastic isn’t your only alternative. With this whimsical, minimalist option, even those with teensy apartments can enjoy a little yuletide magic–and big-home-dwellers can use it to brighten up a hallway.