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Pomanders (clove-studded oranges) have been around since the Middle Ages, and according to a Pinterest trend report conducted by Emoov, the item has staying power: Dried orange garlands are among 2020’s most-searched-for holiday decorations. But what if you strayed beyond the typical citrus? Lemons, limes, and grapefruits are also in season—for decorating and eating.

Photography by Kate Berry

According to Domino’s executive creative director, Kate Berry, there are endless possibilities when it comes to using these affordable fruits to punch up your holiday spread. If you’re not the crafty type, simply halving them for a fresh, sweet-smelling centerpiece brings a pop of unexpected color to your table (not to mention the perfect snacking opportunity between courses). Throw in kiwis, blood oranges, and cantaloupes like Berry did for splashes of lime, ruby red, and tangerine.

Photography by Kate Berry

Still too much work? Berry recommends unearthing your favorite bowls and simply tossing in whole citrus. “Because it’s winter, you can get tangerines, satsumas, and oranges with their natural greenery intact at your local grocery store,” she notes. “The leaves make for a beautiful, textured addition and a hit of classic holiday hues.” If you want your citrus delivered, look no farther than Bhumi Growers, the Berry (and Martha Stewart) approved company that grows unusual, high-quality citrus and ships right to your door. For some shine, make like Berry and throw some Christmas ornaments into the mix, because why not? As far as Team Domino is concerned, as long as it brings you joy, anything goes during the holidays. 

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