15 DIY candy recipes WAY better than store-bought

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Whether you’re creating a fun project for the kiddos or just trying to avoid yellow #5, DIY candy created for Halloween is time well spent. Here, we’re exploring all the ways we’d like to get creative and crafty with sugary confections this year. Did we forget your favorite? Tweet it to @dominomag!

DIY Pixie Stix Is there anything so nostalgic as a sour, sugar-filled straw? Best eaten outdoors so as not to corrupt the floor of Mom’s car, these shockingly easy treats give you the chance to pick your own straws, thus being tastier and cuter than their mass produced counterparts.

Sour Watermelon Gummies Gummy candy is easier than you think, and when you have the freedom to play around with your favorite flavorings, the sky’s the limit. Just don’t be shocked if you eat them all before Halloween…

Pumpkin Smores Cups Not a sweet you see every day, these uniquely flavored, seasonal treats will have friends and office-mates begging for the recipe.

Carrot Coconut Candy Halloween is a fun time to try a new treat you’ve never made before. Get a little help from tiny hands and make this a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday indoors.

Butterscotch Drops If we’d known how easy these little drops of heaven were to make, we’d have them on hand constantly. You will develop an addiction to these, fair warning.

Cashew Turtles Classic salty/sweet treats are hard to resist at Halloween, and all year for that matter. We’d give these out as parting gifts to Halloween party guests…if we don’t gobble them all up ourselves first…

Paleo Gumdrops As fun to make as they are to eat, get a little practice in with these at Halloween, and by Christmas they’ll be lining the roofs of your gingerbread houses!

Honeycomb Candy File this one under impossible-to-resist. The perfect candy for fall, this honey-inspired sweet brings a touch of cozy.

Homemade Twix Bars Do we really need to convince you?

Apple Sugar Confession: We didn’t know this existed. This nostalgic confection is slightly time consuming, but yields delectable results that are well worth the effort!

Fleur de Sel Caramels Come on now.

Ginger Chews While ginger-focused treats might not appeal to the little ones, we don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing. These goodies are reserved for the grown ups!

Pomegranate Gumdrops For those not in favor of chocolate, this fruit-forward treat will become a sweet staple at home, we promise.

Homemade Almond Joys The divine combination of chocolate and coconut can’t be outdone. If there’s one signature candy your household creates, let it be these irresistible beauties.