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stinky sofa

Let’s cut to the chase. Get some Febreze. They even make formulas especially for pets that are fabric safe, like the Fabric Refresher Pet Odor Eliminator ($5.49, febreze.com). You can spritz these sprays directly onto most hard to clean fabrics like your sofa, pillows, and rugs.

Photography by Michael Wiltbank

your living room

Keeping candles in your living room is great, especially if you love lighting one before cuddling up to watch a movie. But the easiest way to keep it smelling fresh all day long is to invest in a reed diffuser. They usually cost around the same price as a candle and are completely fuss-free. You simply place the reeds in their glass bottle and go about your daily routine while the essential oils evaporate into the air. To freshen the scent, flip the reeds—just make sure to keep your reed diffuser away from open flames (aka candles), as the oils are extremely flammable.

Photography by BERNHAUT JUSTIN

smelly fridge

If you’re prone to keeping leftovers in your fridge, it probably smells pretty gnarly. These two steps to a better smelling refrigerator should be no-brainers, but here goes. First, clean your fridge. Take some warm, sudsy water or Clorox wipes to those now congealed spills and make sure it’s squeaky clean. Next, add an open container of baking soda. It will absorb some of those lingering, possibly acidic smells. Switch it out every few months to keep it smelling fresh. And in general, swap takeout boxes for reusable containers, and seal leftover foods tightly to keep smells under control.

Photography by LAURA MOSS

gross garage

We’ve read keeping an open tub of kitty litter does wonders for a super smelly garage, which makes sense. Much like how the absorptive properties of baking soda makes your fridge less fragrant, kitty litter functions the same way, just for a larger space. Another tip? Take advantage of a nice weekend and air it out. By opening all the doors and windows, the natural breeze will blow nasty smells away, with little effort on your part. (Just make sure the neighborhood cats can’t take advantage of your kitty litter trick!

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

your bedroom

If you’re doing it right, your bedroom doesn’t smell bad… But it’s perfectly normal for you to want it to smell really, really good. Candles are the easiest way to make this happen. When you’re nestled in bed or at your desk doing work, light a candle. The smell will instantly permeate the room and linger for at least a few hours, which is all you really need! But, in general, keeping a clean room free from dirty laundry and/or dishes strewn about the floor should keep things smelling lovely. Using a fabric softener you like and changing your bed linens often can also contribute to a fresh scent.

Photography by Michael Wiltbank

sour shoe room

Whether this is your entryway, mudroom,

shoe closet

or even your kid’s entire room (we feel you), most people’s shoes don’t smell great. Especially your favorite pair you’ve been sporting for years. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. First, don’t throw your shoes into an enclosed space right after taking them off—it will trap the smell into whatever tiny closet or cabinet they’re located in. Air them out first and try adding fragrant shoe balls, spritzes of alcohol, or mesh bags of baking soda. Everyone has their own concoction, but if you’re looking for an easy, no fail solution, look to the store bought balls. As for the closet you’ve been cooping up your smelly shoes in, clear it out, air it out, wipe it down, and add some Febreze. If it still smells, try this all-natural freshener ($10.99, containerstore.com).

Photography by NICK JOHNSON

your bathroom…

There is no denying weird smells in the bathroom happen. To make yourself and guests more comfortable, there are a few products you can keep on hand. Keep a room freshening spray in plain sight, like Mrs. Meyer’s ($4.99, mrsmeyers.com), or a bottle of Febreze ($3.29, febreze.com) in a cabinet. While a candle sounds like an easy fix, it’s really not. Keeping candles lit in rooms you’re not in isn’t safe, and we’re betting you’re not hanging out in your bathroom. If your bathroom has a window, utilize it, otherwise make sure you’re frequently wiping down bathroom surfaces and changing the bathroom waste bin frequently.