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Whether you’re a girl/guy or a guy/guy bathroom, you need to learn how to share–properly. Contrary to popular belief, guys have a just as much bathroom stuff as the ladies do. (Okay maybe almost as much). Read on for our favorite ways to store, share, and symbiotically style a two-person bathroom.

1. Color Coded Towels

Everyone gets their own color, everyone uses their own color.  This preemptively ends the “who left a towel on the floor?!” fight.

Photography by AMAZON

2. Shower Curtain With Pockets

Stop precariously balancing bottles on top of bottles. Standard-issue shower storage isn’t going to cut it for two people. Get a clear shower liner that goes inside the shower curtain, and contains pockets for every shampoo and soap both of you enjoy.  If he starts stealing your prized conditioner though, we really can’t help you.


3. Two Medicine Cabinets

Separate medicine cabinets solve so many problems. Storage, sure, but also division of mess, and just a sense that there’s one little space in the bathroom that’s all yours. Opt for small medicine cabinets where space is scarce, and if the model you find doesn’t have a mirror on the outside, add one!

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

4. Two Vanity Trays

Same concept, cuter version. Buy matching mirrored trays that fit the space constraints of your bathroom counter, and keep more attractive products with cute packaging carefully on display. This also provides a great receptacle for spare bobby pins, quickly discarded cufflinks, and whatnot.

Photography by JASON PENNEY

5. Cleaning Schedule

While this might sound like something you haven’t done since you were a kid, establishing a cleaning schedule (and sticking to it) will prevent bathroom animosity over messes and general maintenance. If you want to go ahead and set a daily counter wipe-down policy, we’d support that.

Photography by AMY BARTLAM

6. A Unisex Scent

The bathroom should feel as spa-like and zen as possible (even if it’s a tiny bathroom and you live in a noisy city). Pick a unisex bathroom diffuser or candle you’ll both enjoy, that comes with the added benefit of being perfect for anyone who comes to visit, too.

Photography by Michael Wiltbank

7. A Bathroom Radio

For added privacy, consider placing a cute little radio in your bathroom, maybe on a tray behind the toilet. This will conceal various auditory activities, and will ensure questionable shower singing voices are masked by a pleasant tune.

Photography by SARA & RICH COMBS

8. Toilet Seat Struggles

Keeping the toilet seat in the correct position is no one gender’s responsibility. Establish a rule that everyone in the house puts the seat and lid entirely down, every time.

Photography by vintagerevivals

9.  Hanging Pouches

Certain items like razors and hair dryers are used so frequently, sometimes it gets annoying to tuck them away. Opt for a set of hanging pouches and assign specific items to each. We like the luxe, unisex nature of these leather options.


10. More Storage

This one is really a no-brainer, but add as much extra storage as you can. Mess and clutter in the bathroom will just add to the stress of having to share one. Bring in baskets, or even a rolling cart to collect items that need a home. Remind each other to actually use the storage, lest the bathroom counter turns into a disaster (or potential fight)!