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Danish design brand Hay is known for its funky takes on everyday basics: color-blocked storage tins, portable table lamps shaped like mushrooms, and swirly candlesticks. So it’s no surprise that when the brand announced its spring accessories collection (rolling out gradually over the next few months), Domino’s editors felt a level of excitement usually reserved for the latest episode of Euphoria. From pastel kitchen tools to our new favorite under-the-bed box, we can’t wait to get our hands on these six pieces from the launch.

For Fuss-Free Mornings

Coffee is my favorite part of the morning, but I’m kind of over my fancy espresso machine. Hay’s new French press (available in a pretty mint green and yellow) might be the perfect analog alternative. Thanks to the clear body, you can nail a perfect water-to-grinds ratio. For the whole experience, snag a few of the color-coordinated mugs. —Kate McGregor, associate design editor

For Special Snacking Occasions

Hay’s new bicolor cloche comes apart into a plate and bowl that meets pistachios’ (and olives’ and cherries’) two-vessel requirement but takes up the shelf space of just one—music to my apartment-dwelling ears. I can also picture tucking a cupcake inside for an extra-special birthday delivery. Mine’s in April, just saying. —Lindsey Mather, digital director

For a Bed With No Skirt

I’m obsessed with all things woven (just take one look at my Marni Market bag collection), and these organizational boxes would add just the colorful hit my space needs. I would use them as under-bed storage, so when they peek out, there’d be a fun stripe-on-stripe moment with my Hay duvet. —Julia Stevens, associate style editor

For a Boring Backsplash

In my studio apartment kitchen, there’s not enough room in my cabinets for storing cutting boards, so they’re always out on display. When propped up against plain white subway tile, these candy-hued options pull double duty as art, no matter which way you flip them. —Lydia Geisel, home editor

For the After-Party

How one displays their dessert is everything. There has been a serious lack of fun, modern, and colorful cake stands on the market for years…enter Hay with the cutest design, making sweets even sweeter! —Naomi deManana, style director

For Peace of Mind

There’s no concern about missing the style-meets-functionality mark with these glossy, multicolored boxes. The vibrant containers (available in five cool colors and two shapes) have a magnet fastener so the contents stay inside, which is especially perfect for someone who is prone to spills (not me, FYI). —Kenya Foy, staff writer