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Our days are punctuated by scouting new talent, attending market appointments, and scrolling Instagram in an effort to unearth the products, people, and news you actually need to know. Here’s what we Slacked one another about this week.

Chromatic Kicks: Hay x Suicoke Sandal Collab

Courtesy of Hay

I became obsessed with the comfort of sneakers in 2020, but now summer is coming. I’ve been searching for that perfect sandal that can be my warm-weather substitute. Most have been too boring or too loud, but I finally found the perfect balance of fun and subtle: the Suicoke x Hay collaboration. As a graphic designer, I’m super-particular about color, and this palette (inspired by Hay’s spring/summer 2021 home collection) was carefully curated by Mette Hay herself. With the mix of bright hues with muted tones, I plan to wear these with everything, and from the beach to the (outdoor) bar. Madeline Montoya, junior designer

Wine Time: Flamingo Estate’s Pink Moon Rosé

With vaccinations finally in full swing, rosé all day has never been so relevant, and Los Angeles’s Flamingo Estate, a favorite follow of mine over the past year, just announced its new rosé, Pink Moon. Right in time for outdoor suppers and poolside hangs comes a fruity sip “grown by moonlight on California cliffs.” Everything about the brand, from the property’s grounds to the layout of its website, evokes a golden hour aura that defines L.A., and this limited-edition launch is no exception. Julia Stevens, associate style editor

Shelf Savers: Laundry Day’s New Homewares

Courtesy of Laundry Day

Ever since installing new IKEA shelves in my living room, I’ve been on the hunt to fill them with pieces that bring me joy. Enter Laundry Day. The brand, initially created to normalize Smokeware, has recently expanded into home goods, and you bet I already put it in an order. If the handblown confetti glass tumblers haven’t sold you yet, the sculptural soy and vegetable wax candles will seal the deal. Erica Maltz, associate social media editor

Curve Appeal: Wiggle Room’s Wood Line

Courtesy of Wiggle Room

After signing a lease on a one-bedroom in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, I’ve been looking nonstop for fresh, inspiring pieces to make the space feel like my own. I love bold shapes but with a minimalist style, so when I came across the new all-wood collection from Wiggle Room (the first line has pastel laminate tops), I was immediately intrigued. Founders Zoe Cohen and Levi Shaw-Faber design the curvy Baltic birch tables using digital fabrication technologies, and they’re made in the U.S. Plus the pieces don’t require any tools to assemble—perfect if you need a place to put your coffee down ASAP. Belle Morizio, assistant photo editor and photographer 

Fresh Catch: Loaves & Fishes Spring Cookbooks

Courtesy of Loaves & Fishes

Since the weather has been cooperating (finally!), I’ve been keeping an eye on what’s arriving at my local farmers’ market. Thankfully Sybille van Kempen, owner of the iconic Loaves & Fishes food store in Sagaponack, New York, just released the latest in the Loaves & Fishes Farm Series (12 cookbooks in total, one for each month), coauthored with chef Licia Kassim Householder. Van Kempen notes, “The first sign of spring in every garden is seeing the spring onions come up! The scallion cappellini in the Satur Farms volume is a huge hit at Loaves & Fishes.” Since I’ve been cooking more these days, it’s been helpful having a resource to track what’s in season, find new recipes, and learn about some of the most storied brands in food from this region, like Paumanok Vineyards and Braun Seafood. I certainly plan on collecting them all. Benjamin Reynaert, style director

Close to Home: Beverly’s Pop-Up

Photography by Ryan Lowry

Last fall I came across Beverly Nguyen’s Instagram feed and found myself heart-ing a bunch of images. So I DMed her and we connected over a phone call and talked about everything from our Vietnamese heritage and homes to our careers and creative industry and the need for community connection. She told me she was working on a homewares project. Enter Beverly’s, a two-month-long pop-up (hopefully longer!) in New York’s Chinatown. It’s a culmination of all of Nguyen’s most treasured things for home and entertaining, in a space as inviting to young artists as it is to the elderly Asian neighbors. It reminds me of my favorite parts of Tokyo Hands and Merci, with its best-made practical tools and simply designed products. On my first visit, I left with Japanese Piaule glasses, natural vegetable cleaning brushes, a Japanese woven grass heat trivet, and Nguyen’s branded EVOO (which she beautifully gift wrapped). On my next trip I’m going to pick up some linens crafted by her parents and a hand-shaped pillow or two that my daughter, Quinn, has her eye on. Kate Berry, chief creative officer