Published on March 4, 2016

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Photography by MYDOMAINE.COM

More often than not, long, narrow hallway are left barren of all decor and personality. But we understand why homeowners and apartment dwellers alike consistently back down from the challenge of decorating this space—it’s tough! Which is why we brainstormed 19 ways to bring easy design fixes to your empty hallway. Read on for all the sneaky ways to bring life back into a space you walk through everyday.

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Photography by ATTIC MAG

a long runner

This is the easiest way to bring color into an empty, narrow hallway. Long runners literally exist for this very reason! Buying one rug really can make all the difference, so what are you waiting for?

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Photography by SQUIDOO

shoe storage

Finding space for your shoes—and finding a strategy to not leave your shoes scattered around your home—is sometimes a force. Avoid the inevitable, cluttered pile of shoes and line up Ikea’s STÄLL shoe cabinets along your wall. It will create a ledge for other stuff, storage, and the illusion your narrow space has room for furniture.

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statement lighting

We usually stay away from recommending renters from switching out light fixtures—except in this instance. Adding a statement chandelier or pendant to your long hallway will instantly make your space look more sophisticated, lived in, and styled.

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two-toned paint

Add easy visual interest to your hallway by painting it two-toned—even if one or both walls merge into other rooms. Carrying your paint through to your kitchen or dining area will create continuity in a color you LOVE and have guests praising your creativity.

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Photography by FEEDLY.COM

paint one wall

This is another way to add color in a more interesting, out of the box way. Favoring symmetry is not always the best policy when it comes to design!

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add sconces

Shelves in very narrow hallways make everyone nervous. Nobody wants to be that person who accidentally knocks off a vase (or worse, a keepsake) while rushing out the door. Add a few sconces instead to add light, break up the space, and add a sophisticated touch to an otherwise empty wall.

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hooks and storage

If your long, narrow hallway is at the entrance to your home, break it up by using the few feet closest to the door as an entryway space—storage included. Install hooks to hang your jackets and baskets underneath to throw shoes.

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Photography by LONNY MAGAZINE

long gallery wall

Composing a gallery wall for your bedroom or living room can come with a lot of pressure, as it should. You spend a lot of time there… AND the prints and art you choose have to go with your other decor. Long hallways are a whole different ball game. You can do whatever you want! And take risks that you normally wouldn’t. Arrange a few pictures in the midpoint of the hallway, line up a design spanning the entire length, or really cover the whole thing. It will be worth it!

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add a ledge

Adding a super shallow shelf to hold your prints (and create a ledge gallery wall) and stacking books, magazines, or baskets underneath is the perfect way to fill your space.

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Photography by Brittany Ambridge

create an endpoint

Create a destination for the end of your hallway by placing a table and mirror on the opposing wall.

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paint your door

Similar to creating an endpoint when you’re walking in the door, painting the back of your front door is an easy way to bring color in your home and put a smile on your face as you leave.

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Photography by BOBEDRE.DK

add seating

If your hallway is more long and less narrow, consider adding a bench or chairs midway through.

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Photography by MYDOMAINE.COM

pattern play

Test the waters with a playfully printed wallpaper for a bold statement.

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go oversized

This is especially useful if your long hallway is broken up by other doorways and you’re not able to paint your walls.

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keep it minimal

Don’t like decorating with color? You’re not off the hook. Accessorizing with decor similarly colored to your walls (and maybe even floors!) still makes a difference.

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Photography by MYDOMAINE.COM

combine forces

Combining multiple decor items will make your hallway just as impeccably decorated as the rest of your apartment. If you paint your wall two-toned, hang photos above! Add a light fixture! Go crazy.

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Photography by LUISLAPLACE.COM

stagger stuff

Again, your hallway will have to be more long and less narrow to fit furniture, but if that’s your situation, make sure to stagger multiple pieces of furniture. Arranging pieces on alternate walls will make your hallway feel more like a real room—and you’ll get extra storage.

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Photography by PLANETE-DECOR.FR

paint your floor

Go big and paint your floor (if you can). It will be less expensive than a rug and make an even bigger statement.

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Photography by REDFIN

turn your hallway into a library

Custom build shelves and turn your wall into one giant bookshelf.