Published on November 24, 2019

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s cult lifestyle brand, Goop, is known for its highly curated pop-ups and intentional approach to all things wellness and home, so it’s only natural that her headquarters would be a reflection of that. The company’s recently renovated NYC office, nestled in a classic Beaux Arts building in the heart of the Flatiron District, is just as Instagram-worthy as you’d expect, but that wasn’t always the case. 

When interior designer Ariel Okin first got involved in its revamp, it was highly disorganized. “There were boxes everywhere, piles of paper, and props,” she recalls. But thanks to her work and the help of Best & Co, the contractors who handled the nitty-gritty of the renovation, and Louisa Roberts, owner of home organizing company NEAT Method New York, Goop HQ is now an elegant and efficient workspace that makes Paltrow proud.

She Found the Perfect (Not Quite Neutral) Backdrop

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Courtesy of Goop
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Courtesy of Goop

Okin painted all of the walls in Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball, which is the same color used in Goop’s downtown store. “It’s a great neutral without being boring, and is still punchy enough where you can layer in other colors,” explains the designer. She kept most of the office in muted tones, but added one standout moment in the kitchen with cabinets in Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey Blue. “Navy is still neutral and adds interest without being overpowering,” she adds.

She Put Extra Thought Into the Ergonomic Chairs

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One of the biggest asks from the Goop employees was comfortable office chairs, but Okin was intent on not compromising on style. She chose customizable Silq chairs from Steelcase and picked out a fabric to match the pink palette. “They mold to the shape of your back and are portable so they can be brought into the conference rooms,” she says.  

She Used Light-Diffusing Window Coverings

Pink conference room in Goop's headquartersPin It
Courtesy of Goop

To maximize natural light, Okin suggests neutral, light-diffusing window treatments. “The building has great natural light and tall windows, so we played them off in orchestrating the design,” she says. She used a seagrass fabric from Everhem for texture. “It diffuses light throughout the space, keeping it bright and cheerful.”

She Found a Place for Everything

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When it came to organization, the designer chose a mix of ready-to-use storage options from The Container Store, custom cabinetry, and individual rolling units for employees to store beauty products and snacks. With help from Roberts, Okin got rid of the boxes that once crowded the workspace. All the supplies, from scissors and sticky notes to tape and thread, have their own spot. “Louisa was unbelievable and helped unpack the entire office and organize it by category,” she says. “She really made a place for everything.” Goop HQ is now officially ready for its close-up. 

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