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Custom Shelving California Closets; All Drawings by Darcy Miller; All Framing by Framebridge; Assorted Paper Paper Source; Desk Supplies Russell+Hazel; Acrylic Paper Drawers The Container Store. Photography by Thuss + Farrell

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If you thought binder clips, scissors, and paper belonged in a supply closet, think again. “Why would they ever be hidden?!” exclaims Darcy Miller—and she walks the talk. The illustrator, celebrations expert, author, editor, and founder of Darcy Miller Designs just moved into a new workspace, and all those essentials—plus tape, glitter, twine, and seemingly endless colorful pens—are on full display in designated spots. The studio came together with the help of interior designer Stefan Steil and stylist Rebecca Thuss. “It’s important to be organized,” says Miller. “But it always has to have that little bit of me.” That means lots of gold (her favorite color) and, of course, her whimsical drawings. One side of the space, inside a Manhattan townhouse on the Upper East Side, is dedicated to crafting; the other, entertaining. Platters and champagne coupes stand at the ready for events and workshops, such as a calligraphy class with her small but growing team. “I like to think of it as a modern craft room that will inspire creativity,” says Miller. And with everything from stationery to sequins lining the shelves, what more could you ask for?

Wall Decals Darcy Miller X Chasing Paper. Photography by Thuss + Farrell

How to Make Your Creative Space Work for You

Binders Bindertek; Anchor Hocking Glass Canisters The Container Store. Photography by Thuss + Farrell

Custom Corkboard Corkboard; Dry Erase Pockets Amazon. Photography by Thuss + Farrell

Photography by Thuss + Farrell

All Pins and Paperclips Amazon. Photography by Thuss + Farrell

Everything Has A Place File folders get messy fast. Miller places scans of her artwork (organized by theme) in sturdy matching binders instead. Supplies that come in multiple colors and styles go in glass jars for quick identification.

Use Your Space Wisely To keep track of projects in progress, the artist hangs her drawings in brightly trimmed folios (another Amazon score) on a fabric-covered bulletin board. As they get closer to being completed, the pieces move from the bottom row to the top.

Keep the Essentials on Hand “The key to organization success is knowing what’s important to you,” says Miller of having the right things—like all the necessities for fashioning fun party favors—within easy reach for when you need them.

Be Color-Conscious “The studio is like a jewel box where we make magical things,” says Miller. “So of course you need a little gold.” Sticking with one color (a metallic) also ensures various pins and paper clips look streamlined.

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