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What do you get when you combine a palette of ice cream pastels, sustainable furniture, and sculptural garments in an eye-popping range of colors and prints? A Danish design dream store—and luckily for Miami residents, one just opened up in the middle of the Design District. Cool-girl fashion label Ganni launched its newest outpost (the brand’s third U.S. installment; remember the NYC location?) on December 5 in time for Design Miami. And the interior is otherworldly. 

“Our universe is colorful, playful, and ever-evolving,” says Ditte Reffstrup, who cofounded Ganni with her husband, Nicolaj. “Much like our home, this store is a mix of high and low: design classics and cheap souvenirs from Copenhagen.”

True to form, the shop is full of great Scandinavian, earth-friendly inspiration, from rugs made from upcycled fabrics to LED lighting, but one detail in particular has our full attention: the prismatic tables from British brand Smile Plastics. The company, helmed by designers Adam Fairweather and Rosalie McMillan, uses waste—ranging from coffee grounds to plastic bottles to yogurt pots (really)—to create a vibrant, flecked material that’s almost like terrazzo. Or, at least, terrazzo’s cooler, eco-friendly, older cousin. Suffice to say, we’re obsessed.

Courtesy of Smile Plastics

You can commission your own custom piece from Smile Plastics (all you have to do is share a wish list, and the company comes back to you with a bespoke colorway from a unique waste source that best fits your needs) or buy a ready-made table. While you ponder your purchase, head to a Ganni store near you to check out the furniture IRL—and pick up a few Danish treats for your wardrobe, of course. 

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