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When Eskayel founder Shanan Campanaro and her husband, Nick Chacona, bought their Hamptons home, the first furniture they purchased was for the outdoor space. They knew they’d be spending a majority of their time there, and besides, given the house’s tiny footprint, it was the only place they could fit a dining room table. 

But before they could start hosting, the blah pool area, surrounded by a plain wood fence, would need a makeover. “We were trying to figure out a way to make the outside look nice without spending too much money,” says Campanaro. So they grabbed a can of Benjamin Moore’s Super White paint and started on coating the pool deck. 

But even with a bright floor, something seemed, well, incomplete. Inspired by dipped stools Chacona had spotted online, Campanaro added the same effect to their fence by extending the white paint halfway up the pickets. Impressed with her work, she kept the horizon line going onto the house, too. 

All in all, the project took 3.5 gallons of paint, and there was only one small hiccup: “My friend came to visit and asked, ‘How come the line is a different height on the side of the house than the front?’” recalls Campanaro. Thankfully she was just a shingle off and was able to fix the line in an afternoon. Here’s how she completed the whole project in just two easy steps:

  1. Using painter’s tape, Campanaro made a straight line across the fence. 
  2. With a roller, she spread the paint across the fence and house. She then used a brush to fill in the house’s shingles.

Now the backyard is a bright and well-designed place for the couple to host friends and admire Campanaro’s handiwork. “I think about people paying housepainters thousands and thousands of dollars,” says Chacona. “And Shanan just did such an amazing job on her own.”