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We have a serious weakness for handmade ceramics, but we’re the first to admit that our collection of delicate bowls and beautiful mugs often just sits on the shelf rather being put to use—we’re too afraid of breakage or scratches. So we wind up with our pretty pieces, and the pieces we actually use every day. But Amazon’s new ceramics line, Dorotea, is here to change that.

In partnership with Madrid-born artist Carolina Silva, the line boasts pretty ceramic styles that look entirely handmade, but are dishwasher and microwave safe, allowing for easy cleanup and everyday use.

“I use them at home every day,” Silva tells Domino. “The idea behind the line was to create something that was delicate and subtle, but still had a roughness to it that you should learn to embrace. For instance, think of a farmer at the market with an organic carrot—it may not look perfect, but it will be delicious and good for you.”

Dorotea ceramics are factory-made, but they’re designed so that not one piece looks like the other. Each plate, bowl, and mug has been hand-painted with intricate designs and pretty pastels that scream spring. You can easily jazz up an all-white tablescape with one of the brand’s rainbow range of dinner plates, while the multi-colored serving tray is ideal for your next wine and cheese soiree.

While Silva has been working with ceramics for years (her first collection was actually right after her daughter was born), her other lines tended to skew more on the traditional—which made them harder to take care of. “With Amazon, I wanted to reach more people at a more affordable price point,” she explains.

But that doesn’t mean that this collection came together overnight. “There was a lot of back and forth,” says Silva. “It’s hard to explain a concept in my head that’s entirely personal and have it translate exactly to a factory-made product, so it took a lot of work.”

The result is a party-ready look that can be made both subtle or bright, depending on whether you pick the white and grey options or the sunnier hues. While the line is clearly perfect for a spring brunch, Silva suggests you incorporate Dorotea into your everyday life, as she has.

“I don’t feel like [the line] should only be used for special occasions,” she says. “They’re durable, sturdy, and pretty, and can add a touch of beauty to your every day.”

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