Published on May 9, 2019

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Photography by Balarama Heller for Coming Soon

Every once in a while, we’ll resurrect our stash of weathered board games for a nostalgic fix, not long before we relegate them to the back of the cabinet for a year-long slumber. Aesthetically speaking, these games don’t often qualify as decorative accents, nor are they pieces we would intentionally leave out—until now.

If the newest spring and summer collections of our trusted creatives are any indication, tabletop games have come a long way since their flimsy, retro cardboard box days. Reimagined as style-focused statement pieces, the cool finds ahead prove that form and function can, in fact, coexist.

Colorful tumbling blocks

Oversize Jenga in a rad ombre scheme is everything our design-loving hearts could have ever wished for.

An age-old pastime you won’t want to stow away

If you ever needed a reason to pick up backgammon, consider this luxe lucite set it.

The hostess gift that’ll score you a second invite

This vibrantly colorful Dominoes set might just be more of a decorative moment than a game, and we’re 100% okay with that.

A puzzle you’ll actually want to finish

When Dusen Dusen and Areaware—purveyor of all that is whimsical and chic—teamed up, we knew something good was in store.

Chess, but make it concrete

Be still, our design-loving hearts. With its muted yet vivid palette and fierce architectural form, Concrete Cat’s one-of-kind chess set is the epitome of effortless cool.

The next best thing to an Edie Parker clutch

The celebrated designer draws on her signature style to reinvent the classic Connect 4 as a fine example of high-contrast redux.

X’s and O’s with a peppy spin

Lucite is the material of the moment, and this cheery tic-tac-toe set is all the proof we need.

The game we’d peg as a splurge

Aerin’s luxurious take on Solitaire involves an ashwood base, suede lining, and 33 lustrous brass balls.

The building blocks of good design

This one’s all about anticipating the moves of your opponent all the while attempting to pile up the pieces in sets of threes.

A saturated round of pick-up

A pile so chic we’d leave it out on the coffee table as is.