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Melanie Charlton, founder of luxury custom closet and kitchen design firm Clos-ette, offers quick hacks to spring clean your wardrobe to prepare for spring.  The closet company has helped build out the closets and kitchen of celebrities like  Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore, and Jay Z and Beyoncé. Charlton is ruthless when it comes to tossing out unused items. “Donate, consign or give away,” she says. “Make that your healthy wardrobe mantra this spring!”

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!Use an opinionated friend, stylist, or professional organizer to help you come cull. Start with what’s stained, dirty, and doesn’t fit anymore. Then get a bit more granular by making sure the leftovers actually look good on you and coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe. If not, give it away to a local charity, the Salvation Army or a consignment shop. For higher end designer items, The Real Real will come to your home and take what’s salable. There’s also Rebagg.com.

Shoes and handbags, same thing! Although some can be repaired, most come back from a shoe repair unchanged and therefore not worth the hassle! Jewelry is a whole other ball of wax, because it can have significant value (either monetary or sentimental) and so it should be carefully considered. Costume jewelry can be more trendy and can date itself quicker than fine jewelry. Use your own common sense and gauge: 1. Is this something I would pass down to a child? 2. Something I would buy today 3. Is this a timeless piece?


Once You Clean Out, Clean Up! Use hardware like belt racks, valet rods and wall pegs to hang and store smaller items and accessories (Nanz and Colonial Bronze are great resources for this). Use all the same color and style hanger to create a visual merchandising effect where your eyes follow the clothes not the hangers!

Line Your Drawers and Shelves!I am huge fan of drawer inserts and shelf liners—they really help you get organized Put small items like sunglasses in a drawer and use acrylic drawer inserts from The Container Store or invest in custom drawer inserts from Clos-ette!It helps with upkeep and cleaning!