What do sage green, baby blue, and mustard yellow all have in common? They’ve been the trendiest kitchen cabinet shades for the past couple of years. But not everyone is a fan. After surveying 1,000 renovators, MoneyWise found that nearly half of them, 41 percent to be exact, regret painting their cupboards a colorful hue or refinishing their original boxes. However, we can’t get enough of making a statement in the kitchen, whether it’s swathing standard IKEA frames in a poppy coat of fuchsia or mixing plywood and pastels. Ahead, we spotlight a few ideas that will change your mind about this so-called mistake.

Add Metallic Accents

Photography by Yoshihiro Makino

Take a note from Joy Cho’s backyard ADU kitchen and spice up your cupboard doors by adding a brass accent. The seemingly random formation helps keep things casual; just be sure to use the metal fronts sparingly and save the larger panels for a muted hue. 

Keep It Streamlined

Photography by Tim Hirschmann

In Los Angeles, Rebekah Bowling and Andrew Chen stuck to their gut when choosing a bold cabinetry color. From the lowest drawers all the way up to the skylight, a deep teal swaths everything in sight. The trick with an allover shade like this is to avoid distracting hardware and go with sleek integrated pulls. 


Go Totally Tonal

A windowless galley kitchen in a London mews may sound dark and dismal, but thanks to pastel pink millwork, light still finds a way to bounce around. Paired with a bright red ceiling, the statement space is a contrast to the rest of the home’s stark white walls.