One of Our Favorite Designers Just Launched an Exciting New Collection

The easiest way to turn your home into a desert oasis this fall.

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It’s cliché, but one of the markers of oncoming colder weather is beginning to layer in textures. And while we’re typically not ones to advocate for stereotypes, this is one cliché we’ll happily follow each year—largely because it means wrapping ourselves in knit throw blankets and pillows and idling at home in front of a roaring fire.

This year, there’s a new collection we’re particularly excited about. Claire Zinnecker, one of our favorite designers (and newly-minted host of a design TV show), has teamed up with LA-based decor brand Lulu & Georgia for a tightly curated capsule collection of rugs and pillows.

“I had loved Lulu & Georgia for a long time because, as a well-curated and affordable brand, they made my life as a designer easier!” says Zinnecker of how the partnership came about. “So I was honored when they reached out to work together. It started as just one rug collaboration and turned into a complete rug and pillow collection.”

With four unique patterns, each of which is named after women in her family and inspired by her Austin roots, Zinnecker’s Lulu & Georgia collection is a perfect blend of feminine and modern. Per the designer, she referenced classic Moroccan patterns and gave them a new, unique construction for something a little more contemporary.

Color-wise, the line is an ode to the desert-chic aesthetic that’s having such a moment right now. Zinnecker pulled directly from the landscape, implementing dreamy oranges, creams, and pinks with equal finesse. Deep blues provide some contrast and add dimension. 

“I was inspired by my favorite place to decompress: the desert,” explains the designer. “I love the incredible wealth of colors that you can find there, and most of the color palette was inspired by the hues you see [there] both expectedly and unexpectedly. The organic nature of the desert combined with my love for geometric shapes were married together to create this collection.”

Naturally undyed wool gives a rustic vibe to the line, which ranges in price from $95 for the pillows to $240-$1,040 (depending on size) for the rugs. The four patterns all follow the same color motif and feature similar geometric elements, varying in the composition and print of each rug.

“Betsy” is the most saturated print, featuring gradient shades of sunset pink, while “Inez” follows closely in terms of boldness, with large abstract geometric shapes in blue and pink. On the more minimalist side of the spectrum you’ll find “Marie” and “Dottie”—the former includes a black and white pattern with only pink fraying on either end (the pillow version is devoid of color entirely), while the latter is comprised of small but colorful blocks laid out over a cream base.

The collection is officially available to shop October 10, at Lulu & Georgia—and luckily, it’s not limited-edition, so you can always go back for more if you find that one piece just isn’t enough.

Stuck on where to start? Take a cue from Zinnecker herself: “I love them all because they work so well in a variety of settings, but I think the Dottie has a very special place in my heart”.

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