When artist Malene Barnett was tapped to design a wallpaper collection with interiors brand Lulu and Georgia, she looked no further than her favorite medium for inspiration: ceramics. And not just any ceramics—her own. Barnett’s original sculptures are intricate and tactile. Everything from her vases to her individual tiles celebrate bold, primary hues and natural forms (not a straight square in sight), as does the new Kindred collection.

artist looking at wallpaper designs
Courtesy of Lulu and Georgia

The collaboration pays tribute to traditional Afro-Caribbean female potters and artisans, who developed the methods Barnett uses in her patterned clay creations. “The color palette of this collection is representative of Mother Earth through the lens of an African diaspora experience, and prominently features indigo, terracotta, and chalky whites,” says Barnett. Malou, a cream-colored geometric print, is meant to appear as though it’s textured, similar to a relief tile. Mosaic (named after the iconic pattern) is made up of bronze-dotted lines that connect each pastel shape to the next. There are five patterns in total, all for sale starting today and priced between $168 and $178 per roll.


blue intricate wallpaper
Courtesy of Lulu and Georgia

intricate mosaic wallpaper
Courtesy of Lulu and Georgia

Transferring ceramic techniques to the wallpaper design process was all about shading; Barnett added depth and texture onto a 2-D surface using only color. The prints are subtle enough that they won’t overwhelm a small room, but graphic enough that they’ll still make a statement. We’ll take our tile and wallpaper in one from now on.