Is It Just Us or Does Everyone Have This Artwork?

Even Mandy Moore is a fan.
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Given the vast number of inspired interiors we come across on a daily basis, it’s a miracle we retain the near-encyclopedic knowledge of all the decorative highlights that grace our screens or the pages of our glossy. Every once in a while, we’ll find ourselves captivated by a specific piece of furniture or decor, only later to discover it in home tour after home tour.

The latest item to have entered our radar is the Sidewinder print from Block Shop, a sister-run textile studio based in LA. They say that three makes a trend, and with that logic, we can’t help but earmark this specific instance as such. The pattern is available in a variety of iterations, presented by way of textiles, prints, and even stationery, earmarking it as an undeniably versatile motif.

A pattern prime for evoking a statement-worthy effect, the Sidewinder’s understated yet intricate composition is enough to designate it as an instant classic. Need a little inspo to justify the purchase? Allow the spaces ahead to be your decorative guiding light.

Photography by Sara Tramp for EHD

In this light-filled Cali home, the dynamic duo functions as the focal point of the room, which is a difficult feat considering the adjacent panoramic views and the always inspired firewood pileup nearby. Fitting right in with the laid-back, modern aesthetic, the prints emulate the organic flow of the decorative nature of the room.

Courtesy of Block Shop

The Sidewinder—often paired with its sister pattern, the Sunwave—is front and center at Block Shop’s home base, situated in a historic building in Downtown LA. Lending itself as a prominent fixture of the studio, the print becomes a seamless extension of the decor, complementing the chic landing pad and matching sofa.

Blockshop Rugs, Mesa Rug, Photography by Laure Joliet 

Here, the print is found by way of an heirloom dhurrie, which combines the trendy motif with an inspired color detail handwoven by artisans just outside of Jaipur. The eclectic yet modern piece makes for an ideal complement to a contemporary scene void of a superfluous cluster of furnishings.

Photography By Jeff Mindell

The Sidewinder was essentially made to be the focal point of a room, and this zen oasis is all the proof we need. Found in the home of 100 Layer Cake founder Amanda Dawbarn, the print fits right in with the Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic of the space, casually leaned on the whitewashed brick mantel.

When Sarah Sherman Samuel took on (and consequently nailed) the massive reno of Mandy Moore’s dreamy, mid-century home, the print made not one but two cameos. Propped in the guest bedroom and bath, respectively, Sherman Samuel proved the effortlessly cool and versatile nature of the print in one no-fail swoop. Not only does the Sidewinder make for the ultimate fixture for the oft-empty spot above the headboard, but it also adds an element of interest to the similarly neglected walls of a bath.

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