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On Saturday, aka the day we all finally signed up for Tidal, Beyoncé released Lemonade, a visual album. The 54-minute masterpiece is nothing short of visionary, with both lyrical and visual inspiration for miles. One of our favorite moments came during a song called “Hold Up,” where Beyoncé, clad in a breathtaking mustard yellow dress, proceeds to take a baseball bat to car and shop windows with a smile on her face. The color is so rich and captivating that we couldn’t help but be inspired to bring it home. Here, shop our favorite mustard yellow finds available on domino.

Powder room-perfect wallpaper in a golden hue. (We could see this working well as an entryway accent wall, too)!

An exclusive-to-us print featuring the world’s most welcoming door.

A canvas catch-all for the kids’ room in a warm, loveable tone.

A tabletop must for anyone who thinks their setup isn’t quite Instagram worthy–yet.

Lemonade, anyone? (We had to).

Break up dining room doldrums with a pop of powerful yellow.

Summer calls for stripes, bright hues, and layered rugs. Here’s a great place to start.

Because there’s always room for one more…throw pillow.

A bit mystifying, this golden print would break up a

gallery wall

that feels too monochrome. It would also work well adorning awkward wall spaces, too.

A pouf. Of course a pouf. The perfect little pop when you’re craving a little color, and convenient extra seating.

Serve up some summer on a mustard yellow tray that’s as much form as it is function.

A perfect piece for over your desk, to remind you to think, and live, colorfully.