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These voluminous flowers do best in mild winter climates, but they’ll look great in the cozy temperatures of your space as well. They come in lots of colors, so the possibilities are endless.


This tropical­ looking bloom is sure to brighten your home when you’re dreaming of days at the beach—and dreading hours of shoveling snow.


Also known as Peruvian lilies, these posies look like bees buzzing together. Put them in a bouquet for a friend who’s suffering from a winter cold.

kangaroo paw

Is your home a one -of-­a-­kind type of space? The Kangaroo Paw is perfect for artsy types with a flair for the unique. The rich maroon looks amazing with a muted wall or as the centerpiece of a dinner party.

sweet pea

These orchid­-like flowers are beautifully feminine. Add them to a jar or blue glass vase in your bathroom or desk for a flirty touch.


Also called “sugarbushes,” these flowers are funky, odd, and make great conversation pieces. If you march to the beat of your own drum, you should definitely think about putting a couple of these in your space.


These fierce beauties stand tall and resemble dragon faces. They look amazing in planters, big groups, and in different colors, so go crazy!


Feeling a Dutch vibe? These classics will perk up and polish your space.

grape hyacinth

Also known as Muscari, these babies look amazing in January. They make the winter months more whimsical with a bright pop of purplish blue.


Yes, roses are in season year­ round, which is why you can romance your space with them in different shades every month. Stray from the pink and red and go with a cheerful orange or yellow.