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produced/styled/photographed by ANNA KOCHARIAN

Tired of the same old, supermarket-wrapped bouquet? When it comes to wrapping florals, we’re all for thinking outside the cellophane. Here, we explore four (easy!) wrap ideas, to help you reinvent the typical bouquet.

ONE graphic wrapping paper


  • wrapping paper ( we used a 10×10 cut)
  • florals of your choice
  • washi tape

STEPS Arrange the florals in a blunt stack, relatively similar in height, and place on the top half of the wrapping paper. Wrap the paper in the shape of a cone around the flower stems and secure with the washi tape.

TWO the palm wrap


  • split leaf philodendron
  • thick green floral wire
  • long-stemmed florals (the tropical variety strongly encouraged)

STEPS Layer the florals on top of the philodendron, so that the stems align.

Anchor the two parts with a thick floral wire and wrap around to a desired length.

THREE fishing line


  • long-stemmed florals
  • fishing line
  • vase

STEPS Arrange the flowers in a vase and note where the stems meet the vase. Tie a piece of the fishing line along the flowers at this mark to secure in place for display.

FOUR eucalyptus


  • eucalyptus
  • ranunculi
  • green floral wire or tape

STEPS Wrap the ranunculi with the floral wire or tape, to form the base.

Wrap the eucalyptus around the ranunculi, and band the two ends with the floral wire.