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Photography by WESTELM.COM
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Photography by WESTELM.COM

The right doormat can set the tone for your home: It’s the last thing you see when you leave, and the first thing guests see when they arrive. Think of it as a little piece of art that explains the personality of the house and its inhabitants. Here, you’ll find the cutest designs to create a warm or whimsical welcome fit for a shoefie.

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Courtesy of Reed Wilson

The Neighbors Have Better Stuff

Create a fun welcome and ward off potential thieves in the process with this playful doormat. Though fair warning, if the thieves in question have a sense of humor, they may very well want to steal the mat itself.

Neighbors Doormat, Reed Wilson Design, $49.99

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Courtesy of Anthropologie

Hello & Goodbye

For when you’re not a fan of small talk and want to let your household items do the greetings and goodbyes for you. The unique geometric shape is a decorative bonus.

Bonjour & Au Revoir Doormat, Anthropologie, $48

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Courtesy of Houzz

I’m Mat

Honest. To the point. Chic, minimalist design. Basically, this welcome mat is everything we’re looking for in a doorstep accessory.

“I’m Mat” Welcome Mat, Houzz, $18.99

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Courtesy of Etsy

Fair Warning

A good host lets their guests know what they’re getting into—let your doormat do the talking with this hand painted (and totally customizable) piece.

EndieCo Funny Kids Doormat, Etsy, $22.50+

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Photography by DOMINO.COM

Yes We Do

Well, we do hope you brought wine. Because wine goes perfectly with dinner, and it’s great during a game, movie, or Tuesday night.

“We Hope You Brought Wine” Doormat, Houzz, $32

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Courtesy of DOMINO.COM

Hola, Bonita

Simple topography with a neutral background? Yes, please. Bonus: It’s a quality product by Detroit-based designer Reed Wilson.

Hola Doormat, Reed Wilson Design, $49.99

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Courtesy of TARGET.COM

One Wild Welcome

This geometric design brings a bohemian feel to an otherwise basic spot. This cool welcome sign shows you pay attention to details and appreciate a funky print with a classic message.

Natural Typography Doormat, Target, $12.99

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Courtesy of TARGET.COM

Love Lives Here

his doormat is for the lovers out there. Your home will have a hippy Valentine’s Day vibe year round with this cheeky mat.

Natural Valentine’s Doormat, Target, $12.99

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Photography by ETSY.COM

Customize Your Home

The minor imperfections of these custom-painted mats create an Instagram-ready greeting that is 100-percent you.

Custom Painted Doormat, Etsy, $37

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Courtesy of ETSY.COM

Home is Where I Want to Be

Fans of Talking Heads will appreciate this social media-ready mat. Just be prepared for every guest to pause to snap a pic.

This Must Be The Place Doormat, Etsy, $40

This story was originally published May 3, 2017. It has been updated with new information. 



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