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If there is one decorative element that has the power to instantly bring an outdoor living area together, it’s a beautifully patterned and colored outdoor rug. Durable, affordable, lightweight, and available in a wide variety of designs, you can count on finding just about any style to fit your specific aesthetic.

That said, with the abundant array of stunning options on the market right now, it would be a real shame to dedicate that rug solely to the outdoors—or miss out on one if you lack an outdoor space to begin with. Luckily, there is a solution in sight and it comes in the form of a slight bend of a decorative rule: bringing your outdoor rug indoors.

Through a thoughtfully curated approach and layers of chic textiles, you can easily utilize this outdoor staple inside. Not quite sure where to begin? Allow the spaces and tips ahead to double as your guide to decorating with outdoor rugs.

Courtesy of Homepolish

Touch Base

Use the hardier textured rug as a base for layering—especially if you’re dealing with different sized landing pads. Take a style cue from this California dining room, where an oversized sisal doubles as a high-contrast base for the brighter piece on top.


Pile on Color

Jute is a great outdoor material that can add an earthy texture to a room. Layer your jute rug with a bright kilim or vintage rug—not only does this soften the look of the space, but it’s also the perfect way to use oddly sized rugs.


Make a Splash

Bathroom rugs can be difficult to select. They have to be durable, yet comfy—pretty, but still functional. If you’ve never considered using an outdoor rug in a bathroom, now’s the time. This one makes a splash in an older home, covering original wood floors with a touch of color. The true beauty of this choice is it won’t stay soaking wet and damage those lovely planks.

Photography by ANNIESELKE

Runner Up

To upgrade your stairs, paint them bright white and cover the steps with a colorful indoor/outdoor runner. It’s the ideal solution for a household with little ones or pets. Matching accessories bring this spirited look together.

Photography by OLD BRAND NEW

Bedroom Bliss

Bedroom flooring should be soft and inviting for bare feet, but this doesn’t mean a jute rug won’t work in the boudoir. Throw down a sheepskin (or three) for a cushiony puff of comfort. These fuzzy throws make a

room look

super fresh and modern, too.

Photography by LAURA RESEN

Perfect Placement

This room mixes modern and traditional like a pro. To keep a space from becoming overly precious, add a sisal rug for a rustic vibe. The fabric edging makes it a touch more formal and fits in perfectly with the design—great for when you are hosting both dinner parties and playdates in the same space.

Photography by SF GIRL BY BAY

Fanciful Footing

This room gets fancy underfoot with a metallic thread suede and hemp rug layered under a bright, smaller rug. The best part? You can get an overdyed outdoor rug for a fraction of the cost of a vintage one.

Photography by THE FOX AND SHE

Opposites Attract

An outdoor jute rug with a graphic design brings out the color scheme in this room, but it might not be the most comfortable choice. A thick shag rug on top solves that problem instantly and looks fabulous.

Photography by MY PARADISSI

Natural Neutral

If there is a best choice for entry flooring, it has to be an outdoor natural fiber rug. This charming foyer takes things up a notch with jute rugs on the staircase. It’s a cohesive look that provides neutral grounding for whimsical décor all the while making quite the case for decorating with outdoor rugs.

This story was originally published on March 2017; it has been updated with new information.