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start with a… coffee table

Sleek in butterscotch solid oak, this 40” table has easy-trigger latches that let you raise or lower it to seven different heights. A nice living room foot prop.

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turn it into…a brunching spot

Before you know it, guests have arrived (or crashed for the night). Thanks to those easy-trigger latches, the table is now a next-morning breakfast nook. 

start with a…makeshift office desk

This aluminum-frame work-and-eat surface has wide-ranging possibilities, with a veneer top that extends by a simple lift-and-flip motion. We’re envisioning that tuna sandwich and iPad scenario. 

turn it into…a dinner party table

Voila, a few little touches will turn this into a surface for a standing rib roast for four.

turn it into…an eating area

Two-in-one table, how we love thee. A perfect pair to flank a front door, the pieces unite to create a round table—transforming a roomy foyer into an impromptu tearoom.

start with…an entryway console

A burst of color in the foyer will be a happy landing zone for when you’re running in and out.