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Table lamps are one of those decor pieces that could go either way: a lamp can be a true investment piece, that you keep for years on end, or it could be an easy way to upgrade your room by regularly changing it up. Either way, it’s something you’re going to use and look at every day when you flop down on the couch, so it’s important to choose something that you won’t get sick of.

To help you out, we rounded up our favorite table lamps from the Domino shop. Spoiler alert: they’re all less than $150. You’re going to want to hold onto these picks for a long time, but with an affordable price point, you won’t feel bad when it’s time to swap ‘em out for something new.

This lamp will look just as good in your bedroom as it will in your home office. Zuo Modern Vigor Table Lamp, $138

A bright lamp is a good way to bring color and light into your room.  Safavieh Amy Mini Table Lamp, $46.99

This elegant, yet cool table lamp under $150 is almost always the right choice.  Butler Specialty Mercury Antique Nickel Table Lamp, $136.55

There are endless possibilities with this lightweight, portable lamp—use it as a lantern while camping, or add a sculptural element to your living room. Menu Carrie LED Lamp, $149.99

Looking for a table lamp with a more vintage feel? Try this one out for size. The unusual shape adds interest to any room. West Elm Nova Table Lamp, $129

Pale yellow can act like a neutral color. Try this lamp for a fun take on neutrals. Safavieh Ceramic Paris Lamp, $140.49

This lamp’s cylindrical shape makes it a good option for small areas that need lighting.   Surya Denton Table Lamp, $123.49

With a $44 dollar price tag, you should take a risk on a quirky lamp!  Target Pillowfort Flamingo Table Lamp, $44.99

This cool raw concrete table lamp is a great option for your home office. Renwil Fischer Table Lamp, $98.99

The wood base makes this a perfect option to pair with midcentury modern decor.  West Elm Modernist Table Lamp, $149

Hang this on your wall, or sit it on a table. This lamp will bring fun and color into your room. Artecnica Yorky, $37.99

The gold detailing makes this affordable piece something special that will glam up your bedroom. Safavieh Nova Table Lamp, $127.99

This slender brass table lamp will look good in nearly any room. The extra height means plenty of room for plants and picture frames on the table. Go Home Skyler Table Lamp, $129.49

This table lamp strikes the balance between cool and timeless, with a marbled base that gives off New Age vibes. Surya Destin Table Lamp, $132.49

With an under $100 price tag, we’re really digging this luxe lamp. Moe’s Home Collection Remo Table Lamp Silver, $82.99

Go back in time with this whimsical lamp that resembles a traditional candlestick. Moe’s Home Collection Candlestick Table Lamp, $39.99

This chic accent light will look great on your desk. Line up tiny cacti underneath to create a faux terrarium. Moe’s Home Collection Pi Table Lamp, $125

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