Published on March 12, 2021

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Courtesy of Russet

For anyone who has ever spent an hour trying to find one tiny screw under the sofa (that would be all of us), the DTC brand Russet is rolling out a second model that doesn’t require any hardware. (The first was a side table called the Sidekick.) For just $165 you can close all those IKEA tabs and get a great table you can assemble faster than it would take to count all the parts other tables come with. 

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Courtesy of Russet

Dubbed the Champ, the two-tiered table comes in light-, medium-, or black-stained wood and is available now. Cutout slots fit together so the table stays locked in once all the joints are in place; the only thing that is needed besides with the flat-pack boards is a rubber mallet to hammer the pieces into the correct grooves. If $165 feels pricey compared to a big-box retailer equivalent, keep in mind that the brand is using FSC-certified wood instead of less-durable MDF board. That’s better for both Mother Earth and your bank account in the long run—this piece is something you’ll want (and be able!) to take apart and rebuild at your next place, too.

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