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Reading up on Domino’s shopping guides is like having your own personal product concierge. We do the tedious part—deep-dive research, hands-on testing, and tapping experts for advice—so all you have to do is hit “add to cart.“ That’s why we call them Simply the Best.

It seems like side tables are constantly taking a back seat to more attention-seeking pieces of furniture like couches and coffee tables. Don’t forget how hardworking a side table is, though. Where else would you set your cup of coffee or glass of wine? What other piece of furniture so beautifully displays statement-making lamps and holds them at just the right height for reading?  

It’s time for them to get the respect—and attention—they deserve. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best side tables, each with an unexpected element, whether it’s made with an interesting material or a pattern taken straight from an iconic architect’s repertoire. Read on for our favorites.

Our Favorites

Best Overall: Hay Don’t Leave Me Side Table

The Best Side Tables Option: Hay Don’t Leave Me Side Table
Don’t Leave Me Side Table, Hay ($195)

Dimensions: 23-by-15 inches (for the regular size), 25.75-by-19 inches (for the extra-large) | Material: Powder-coated steel | Assembly needed: No 

What we like:

  • Available in 7 colors
  • Handle makes it easily portable
  • Lightweight

Worth noting:

  • Currently only a few colors are available in extra-large
  • Handle can get in the way of displaying lamps and other objects

Why we chose it: This side table gives you high design without a high price point.

Chances are you’ve seen this Hay side table before, and for good reason: The Don’t Leave Me is a fan favorite for its sleek, thoughtful design. The lightweight table was made to be portable, with a handle that makes it easy to carry from room to room, so it can serve various functions in various places. It’s also, as far as well-designed side tables go, affordable.

Best Value: Amazon Palm Beach Spindle Table

Black spindle table
Palm Beach Spindle Table, Black, Convenience Concepts ($66 was $94)

What we like:

  • Under-$100 price point
  • Wide range of color options
  • Spindle design

Worth noting:

  • Assembly required
  • Paint finish appears more matte than glossy in-person

Dimensions: 17.75-by-17.75-by-24 inches | Material: Solid hardwood | Assembly needed: Yes 

Boasting over 1,000 reviews and a 4.6-out-of-5-star rating on Amazon, this side table is a bonafide score for reasons beyond its under-$100 price point. For starters, it’s crafted from solid hardwood materials that countless reviewers describe as high-quality and substantial. Next, there’s the charming spindle-leg design—which has elicited high praise for being surprisingly understated and elegant. As one reviewer put it, “I really wasn’t expecting the table to be quite this nice when I ordered it…at $45, I expected it to look a little cheap and have little, if any, substance to it. This table (I bought the mahogany version) is quite sturdy and solid and does not look cheap at all. If I’d seen this in a brick-and-mortar store I would have been willing to pay more than $45 for sure.” It’s worth noting that the table’s painted coat, which appears glossy in product photos, affords more of a matte-quality finish in person.

At this price, you might consider purchasing a pair, either in matching or complementary colors. (It’s available in nine different colorways, although our choice pick is the sleek black.) 

Best Marble: CB2 I Beam Pink Marble Side Table

The Best Side Tables Option: CB2 Beam Pink Marble Side Table

Dimensions: 20-by-15-by-12 inches | Material: Honed pink marble | Assembly needed: No 

What we like:

  • One-of-a-kind veining on each table
  • Versatile shape can fit in slim spaces
  • Rounded corners make for no painful accidental run-ins

Worth noting:

  • It’s heavy and not easily moved by 1 person

Why we chose it: This marble side table manages to be both sturdy and sexy. 

There’s something undeniably sexy about marble; no wonder the ancient Greeks and Romans preferred it for their sculptures. This CB2 side table is a work of art in itself. To create this beauty, honed pink marble pieces are cut to shape, then jointed together and finished by hand. Its slim, sturdy shape can squeeze into just about any tight space, but we suggest leaving plenty of breathing room so it can be admired. Each table’s veining will vary, making for a one-of-a-kind piece you’ll have forever. 

Best Customizable: Inside Weather Latte Hanna Side Table

The Best Side Tables Option Inside Weather Latte Hanna Side Table

Dimensions: 21.75 -by- 20 inches | Material: Baltic birch plywood and an American maple veneer | Assembly needed: Yes 

What we like:

  • Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1936 design, the Hanna House
  • Customized with original Wright patterns
  • For every order placed, 1 tree is planted

Worth noting:

  • Easy assembly required

Why we chose it: A side table that brings Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic patterns to your living room. 

The legacy of Wright lives on, and now you can bring a (small) part of it into your home. In partnership with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Inside Weather created this geometric side table, named after Wright’s Hanna House, known for its innovative use of hexagonal shapes. 

The history is cool, and the customizable options are even cooler. Choose between two wood finishes, latte or espresso, then mix and match dozens of colors and 18 different Wright patterns for the tabletop and shelf surface. The only downside is how tricky it is to pick just one.

Best Metal: Blu Dot Note Side Table

The Best Side Tables Option Blu Dot Note Side Table

Dimensions: 22-by-16 inches | Material: Powder-coated steel | Assembly needed: No 

What we like:

  • Available in 8 colors
  • Features rubber feet beneath the base
  • Scratch resistant

Worth noting:

  • Simple assembly required

Why we chose it: With its slim profile, this side table is subtle yet striking. 

This Blu Dot side table is so discreet we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t give it much thought at first. But take a second glance and you’ll realize how brilliant the subtle design is, gracefully complementing other furniture without stealing the show. 

It’s also durable. The powder-coated steel makes for a sturdy material that supports a cantilevered tabletop and base. We love that it’s available in eight colors—some classic, some unexpected—for every living room’s color palette. 

Best Sculptural: West Elm Monti Lava Stone Side Table

The Best Side Tables Option: West Elm Monti Lava Stone Side Table

Dimensions: 18-by-15 inches | Material: Lava stone | Assembly needed: No

What we like:

  • Soft, sculptural lines
  • No lead time
  • Can be used indoors and out

Worth noting:

  • Prone to staining and etching

Why we chose it: A distinct material + a soft shape = a showstopper of a side table.  

This West Elm design caught our attention with “lava stone” and kept it with a cool, sculptural shape. Despite its industrial style, there’s nothing cold about this side table, thanks to its soft, curved lines. It’s created with a recipe of volcanic ash, stone, fiberglass, and sand resin—or lava stone—which is hand-cast and finished to mimic the look and feel of aged stone. We also love that this table can be used indoors or out—it would look just as beautiful on a patio as it would in a living room.  

One caveat: Volcanic stone is porous, making it sensitive to scratches and staining. Though it comes presealed, be sure to use coasters under all beverages and blot up any spills right away. 

Best Colorful: Kartell Colonna Green Stool

The Best Side Tables Option: Kartell Colonna Green Stool

Dimensions: 18.11-by-13.58 inches | Material: Technopolymer | Assembly needed: No

What we like:

  • Dynamic color
  • Doubles as seating
  • Can be used indoors and out

Worth noting:

  • High price point

Why we chose it: A standout side table for those who aren’t afraid of a little—or a lot of—color.

All-neutrals-all-day folks, keep on scrolling: This near-neon stool is for color lovers only. And as much as we love its bold lemon-lime hue, the wavy stool also makes our list for its versatility. It can serve as extra seating, a perch for party snacks, a place to put your feet up, and—of course—a side table. (Our chief creative officer, Kate Berry, uses the Colonna all ways.) It’s also indoor- and outdoor-friendly, upping its versatility twofold. 

Best Woven: The Nopo Maho Side Table

The Best Side Tables Option: The Nopo Maho Side Table

Dimensions: 15.74-by-15.75 inches (with an 11.81-inch base | Material: Metal structure, woven in chuspata | Assembly needed: No

What we like:

  • Created with fair-trade practices
  • Handwoven in Mexico
  • Durable material

Worth noting:

  • Relatively short

Why we chose it: Expert artisans and a handmade approach make for a worldly side table. 

We love the beautiful simplicity of this woven side table and the story behind it even more. Using fair-trade practices, the Nopo works with artisans around the world to create its handmade goods, which, in turn, helps preserve the heritage of these time-honored traditions. 

The Maho side table is handwoven in Mexico using chuspata, a reed that grows near Lake Pátzcuaro and is harvested by the artisans of Ihuatzio. We especially love its spacious top (nearly 16 inches in diameter) for holding plants, lamps, and a drink or two—all at the same time.

Best Rattan: Sarah Ellison Freddie

The Best Side Tables Option: Sarah Ellison Freddie

Dimensions: 17.3-by-15.7 inches | Material: Rattan with brass detailing | Assembly needed: No

What we like:

  • Made from natural rattan
  • Doubles as additional seating
  • Classic design you’ll never tire of

Worth noting:

  • Long lead time
  • High price point

Why we chose it: Quality craftsmanship and materials merge to make a stunner of a side table.

We know timeless design when we see it, and this Sarah Ellison side table is just that. Made of rattan with a hint of sophisticated brass detailing, it would look just as beautiful in a bedroom as it would in a living room.

The rattan is treated with a light coating of clear lacquer, so you don’t have to worry about everyday wear and tear. It’s easy to clean, too; a simple wipe-down will do. Pair its versatility and practicality with its fresh geometric shape, and you have a winner. 

Best Statement: Tradition Shuffle Table

The Best Side Tables Option: Tradition Shuffle Table

Dimensions: 27.2-by-17.7 inches | Material: Lacquered MDF, solid wood | Assembly needed: Yes

What we like:

  • Various ways to arrange
  • Unexpected color combinations
  • Wood sourced from sustainable forests

Worth noting:

  • The centerpiece may get in the way of larger items like table lamps
  • 10- to 12-week lead time

Why we chose it: This table’s sculptural design can be rearranged for countless seriously stylish looks.

Does this shape-shifting table remind you of something? Classic wood toys from your childhood, perhaps? That’s what designer Mia Hamborg was going for, and we think she nailed it. Its design toes the delicate line between nostalgic and forward-thinking, which is one of many reasons it’s our overall favorite side table. 

Assembly is required, but this is one furniture-assembling session you’ll enjoy—we promise. Arrange this table into any configuration you’d like, deciding the shape, color combination, and height. And whenever inspiration strikes, you can rearrange it for endless possibilities. Its versatility, combined with practicality and impeccable design, is ideal for those who like to switch up their space often. 

We Also Like

How We Chose These Products

These side tables have been through our research wringer. First and foremost, we looked for tables made with quality materials from respected brands. We also prioritized practicality, sufficient surface area, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and durability, as well as reasonable return policies and a range of price points, so you can find a beautiful side table no matter your budget. And, of course, good design. 

Our Shopping Checklist


No more side tables as afterthoughts: We think they present an opportunity to add statement-making, timeless, versatile design to a room, whether sculptural or minimal, clean-lined or bold, eclectic or traditional.


A side table should be just shorter than the arm of your sofa or chair—about 2 inches. That makes for a comfortable height to turn on a lamp or set down a drink. For chairs without arms, keep your side table no higher than 8 inches taller than the seat. 


Side tables run the gamut in terms of materials: stone, steel, marble, wood, and more. Even lava can be turned into a beautiful side table, as in one of our picks. When considering a material for your table, pay attention to how heavy it is (Is it difficult to move yourself?), whether it’s a potential hazard for children (sharp steel corners do not pair well with little ones), and its durability. Other considerations: Can it be easily cleaned? Can it be used indoors and out? What is its weight capacity? 


Before purchasing a side table, read the fine print to see if it comes assembled or if you’ll be sprawled out on your living room floor with a screwdriver and an instruction manual. If assembly is required, are the tools included? Most of the side tables we chose do not involve assembly, and the few that do are ultra-easy. 

Ask Domino

Q: What’s the difference between an end table and a side table?

It’s all in the name. An end table is placed at, well, the end of a piece of furniture and is generally slim—no more than 18 inches in diameter—so it can squeeze into tight spaces. A side table, meanwhile, is more of a “look at me!” design feature. It lives more out in the open alongside another piece of furniture and also features additional surface area (it’s usually between 18 and 26 inches in diameter). The function of both is the same: a convenient place to set necessities within arm’s reach of a couch or chair.

Q: I like an eclectic look. What can l use as a surface instead of a traditional side table?

Whether or not traditional side tables float your design boat, we all still need a place to set a book or hold a lamp. The good news is there are many unexpected options to use instead of a conventional side table. What about a floating shelf? A stool (or a cluster of a few stools) is another way to go, as long as it has a flat surface. You could also stack coffee-table books, salvage a tree stump, or use a sleek bar cart. 

Q: What is an occasional table?

Think of an occasional table this way: It’s used on occasion for occasions. It is generally small, portable, and pretty. Its greatest asset, though, is its versatility, as it can be used in any room for any purpose. 

The Last Word

When shopping for a side table, balance beauty with practicality. As much as we love a stellar design, the best side table must function well as a comfortable place to house a lamp or set a drink. If it is too short or unsteady, or requires too much maintenance, no amount of “cool” can save it.