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Mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, potato salad, corn on the cob: There is no lack of proof that side dishes are just as beloved, if not more so, as the main course. So why should your side table be any less special than the rest of your furniture?

When shopping for a side table, convenience is, more likely than not, your top priority. You miss having a place to put your coffee! You need a surface onto which you can scatter the day’s mail! Honestly, you might just want a platform for the sole purpose of displaying your growing collection of decorative vessels. But that doesn’t mean the way the furniture looks is any less important.

In fact, when you opt for a unique side table—one with a bold finish, fun texture, or unexpected shape—your whole room will be the better for it. Lucky for you, we’ve scouted 20 solid options by color, so all you have to do is determine the one you’re most compatible with.

The Reds and Pinks

Going with a blush-hued table is an easy way to add some warmth to your space if you’re admittedly a little color adverse. But even though these baby pink or rose tables are perfect for lovers of all things neutral, their architectural silhouettes keep them interesting. For those who prefer a bit of drama, a red metal number is as vibrant as you can get.

The Yellows

For self-proclaimed maximalists (and, apparently, Generation Z), there’s no hue as enticing as a bright yellow. These two sculptural tables are a double whammy of boundary-pushing design and satisfying, punchy color.

The Neutrals

Maybe you consider yourself, above all, practical. Maybe you can’t say no to a good blend of Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism. Either way, you might find yourself most drawn to designs in subdued shades—and that’s okay! Neutral can still be exciting. Opt for asymmetrical forms, shiny finishes, or the occasional touch of terrazzo to keep things fresh.

The Greens

Green might seem like a tricky shade to decorate with, but it’s surprisingly versatile, working as a great accent hue in both warm- and cool-toned interiors. Similarly, these tables can hold their own in a bold color scheme (think: next to a rust-colored sofa) or take the spotlight in otherwise monochromatic spaces.

The Blues

Sure, blue is a relaxing color, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. A rich cobalt surface commands attention, while navy tables—in cool finishes like steel and transparent plastic—give the traditional hue new life.

The Multicolor

Side tables are secretly the best vehicle for easing into a trend. After all, they’re small, so they don’t totally overwhelm your space, even if they’re super-eye-catching. So might we suggest going all out with a rainbow option?

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