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About a decade ago, when I asked an interior designer what the best sectional sofa was, she warned me about ones that curve: “They only work in the space you have today—once you move, you’re out of luck.” So for years I took her advice and shied away from couches with corners, too scared they’d dominate my current space and mess up the future floor plan of a down-the-road apartment—one I hadn’t even starting looking for yet. What I didn’t know then is that choosing the best sectional sofa is really about picking a sectional by size. 

Now I’m older and wiser, and I know that sectionals come in all shapes and sizes—and finding one for any kind of room is a total reality, no matter how much space (or cash) you have. And this is just a guess, but you’ve probably spent a lot of time on your couch recently. Between quarantine, the midwinter blahs, and Mad About You now available on Amazon Prime Video, there are plenty of reasons to take up residence in a sprawling soft spot. 

So, please, learn from my mistake and treat yourself to a couch you’re comfortable becoming one with. These are the best sectional sofas for any size home. 

Small Sectionals

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Just because you live in a studio doesn’t mean you can’t have a sofa that takes a turn. (This couple does!) Each of these options measures up to 6 feet or less, meaning there’s plenty of space to cuddle up without feeling like your sectional is the only piece of furniture in the room. 

Medium Sectionals

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

A one-bedroom apartment or midsize living room provides plenty of space to stretch your legs—each of these offerings is less than 8 feet long—and show off some personality with fabric and pattern. For example, a lilac velvet sectional gives off a luxe vibe (even if it only costs $1,100), while a striped version would go great with a by-the-sea scheme. 

Large Sectionals

Families and singles alike will appreciate the roominess of a nearly 10-foot sectional. But with great scale comes great (design) responsibility: The bigger the sofa, the more visual and physical real estate it will take up. A neutral color works best as a base—then pack it with pillows to show off some personality.

Extra-Large Sectionals

Okay, okay, I know what I just said about keeping it neutral—but in the case of an almost-12-foot sectional, bigger and bolder is better. For example, a salmon-colored option sets the tone for the entire room—and has enough seating that no one will have to crane their neck during movie night. Similarly, a blue velvet is the perfect welcome after (or during?) a long day of Zoom calls. Or if a white sofa doesn’t bring you instant calm, then this one’s impressively low price tag ($1,230!) just might. 

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