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If you’ve ever gotten out of bed with a stiff neck or longed for a little extra support while lying down, a memory foam pillow might just be for you. “Memory foam pillows, due to the way they respond to heat and pressure, can provide notable neck support,” says Keith Cushner, a product expert with the Sleep Foundation. “While the foam of a memory foam pillow is firmer than most, these pillows are ideal for people looking for extra support on their back during sleep.”

What exactly is memory foam? Manufacturers use a variety of materials to make it, but one that is almost always used is polyurethane, a type of plastic material; the exterior is usually cotton or polyester. Memory foam pillows vary in firmness and cooling properties, and some offer more loft (height) than others, depending on how thick they are. We took a number of options on the market for a test-run (with the help of a host of sleepers) and rounded up a list of the best memory foam pillows on the market. 

Our Favorites

Best Overall: Saatva Memory Foam Pillow


Sizes: Queen, king | Fill: Shredded | Removable and washable cover: Yes

What we like:

  • A hefty pillow that feels luxurious
  • Enough loft on its own (no need to layer)
  • Strikes the right balance between firm and plush

Worth noting:

  • Snug in the pillowcase

Why we chose it: A memory foam pillow that’s thick and firm but somehow incredibly plush, too. 

When you pull this pillow from Saatva out of the box, you can tell that it means business. Our tester tried out the king size, which feels dense but soft at first touch, and it immediately contoured to their head when they lay on it. It consists of three layers—an organic, quilted cotton cover (that’s removable and washable), a memory foam layer that’s “infused with graphite technology” that Saatva claims keeps things cool, and a shredded, gel-infused memory foam core—and our tester found that the pillow supported sleep on both their side and back well. We also like that it’s CertiPur-US certified, which means it’s low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and free of other harmful chemicals. While it’s certainly not cheap, it’s a proper investment that should serve you for years to come.

Best Value: Coop Home Goods The Original Loft Pillow


Sizes: Queen, king | Fill: Shredded | Removable and washable cover: Yes

What we like:

  • Cozy, washable cover
  • Durable
  • Adjustable fill

Worth noting:

  • Stuff and remove fill manually 

Why we chose it: A value pick that doesn’t scrimp on quality.

The Coop Home Goods pillow is memory foam (and microfiber fill) deconstructed. The pillow comes stuffed to medium firmness, but there’s a zipper closure on one end that you can use to remove or add more fill (one pillow comes with a half-pound extra). The cover is supercozy to the touch, and you can just remove it and toss in the wash with the rest of your bedding. Samantha Weiss-Hills, Domino’s deputy commerce editor, has been sleeping with a Coop pillow for the last few years, and she is hard-pressed to find something more comfortable. Her favorite aspect is how easy the fill is to adjust, and she likes that she can move it around to support her head and neck as needed. It’s the most affordable on our list, so why not order two? 

Best Side Sleeper: Pillow Cube Side Sleeper Pro


Sizes: Thin, thick, standard | Fill: One piece | Removable and washable cover: Yes

What we like:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Cooling upgrade available

Worth noting:

  • Specifically made for side sleepers

Why we chose it: Its wonky shape is engineered to help you sleep better.

The Pillow Cube is a bit of a cult moment for pillows. Entrepreneur Alyssa Coscarelli doesn’t leave home without hers. Made from mattress-grade memory foam and dressed in a breathable cover, it comes in standard, thin, and thick sizing—use your height to determine which one to choose (though standard will fit most people). Andie Diemer, Domino’s deputy photo editor, is also a huge fan. “I struggle with jaw issues, so getting enough neck support while I sleep is essential so I don’t wake up with a tension headache,” she explains, adding that other memory foam, contour, or water-based pillows have just fallen short in that regard. “This pillow won’t let your neck sink throughout the night, allowing the jaw to stay aligned.” She notes that it’s truly meant for side sleepers, so if you spend a significant amount of time on your back or stomach, it’s probably wise to look elsewhere.

Best Cooling: Casper Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow Casper

Sizes: Standard, king | Fill: One piece | Removable and washable cover: Yes

What we like:

  • Cooling claim is actually effective
  • Particularly soft
  • Great for any position 

Worth noting:

  • Pair with another pillow for extra loft
  • Add an extra cooling layer for $50

Why we chose it: Sleep has never been so cool thanks to Casper’s memory foam.

A term like AirScape perforated foam might sound like marketing mumbo jumbo—that is until you sleep on Casper’s foam offering and discover that, in this case, it actually does what it promises. The pillow, made of three breathable foam layers (including the aforementioned!), really keeps the heat away. There’s even an option to add extra cooling with a Snow Technology layer, but we found it was cool enough on its own. While other tested pillows required a bit of adjusting, the Casper pillow’s softness was inviting from the first head plop. It is very plush and cool, but it should be noted that this pillow doesn’t do as well on its own for people who like to feel elevated while sleeping—our tester slept with a regular down pillow underneath it for a little more loft; doing this led to great nights of sleep and rested mornings. 

Best Adjustable: Marlow The Pillow

Best Firm Pillows Marlow Zipper 1

Sizes: Standard, king | Fill: Chopped | Removable and washable cover: Spot-clean only

What we like:

  • Cool to the touch
  • Firmness is adjustable with a zipper
  • A cloudlike pillow

Worth noting:

  • Sells in bulk with discounts 
  • You’ll need to refluff periodically to help it maintain its shape

Why we chose it: Some like it firm, some like it soft—this pillow let’s you have both with just a pull of the zipper.

At first glance, Brooklinen’s Marlow pillow doesn’t look that different from a down pillow (memory foam typically has a bulked-up look). It’s cool to the touch, though, thanks to its “chill-infused” memory foam, which also gives the pillow its firmness. What makes this option particularly interesting and innovative is that you adjust the firmness by zipping and unzipping the sides. While testing, we noticed that even when zipped it still feels pretty soft and really cloudlike when unzipped. It didn’t give our tester the best neck support, but it did feel great to hug on when she slept on her side (it should be noted, though, that reviews show enthusiasm from both side and back sleepers). 

Heftier memory foam pillows skew upwards of $100 or more, so the Marlow could be a great option for people who are new to memory foam pillows or homeowners looking to stock their guest bedrooms with pillows that can be adjusted. One thing to note: It doesn’t have a removable cover (spot-clean only, people), but Marlow says that its antimicrobial shell helps stave off germs. 

How We Chose These Products

Shopping for pillows is, to put it lightly, overwhelming. Even when you narrow it down to the memory foam category, there are just oodles out there. We started the journey by researching the most beloved brands on the market, from the tried-and-true DTCs like Casper to the new wave of makers such as Saatva and Marlow. Then we conducted hands-on testing with a few and chatted with Domino editors who have tested memory foam pillows on their own. Finally, we got insight from Cushner, who told us some things to consider when choosing a memory foam pillow and what to keep in mind when taking care of one. To note: One of our testers is a side and sometimes back sleeper who didn’t want a pillow that was too soft or too firm—just right, so to say, and a good middle ground for trials. The thing is, there’s really no shortcut to finding an ideal pillow—you just have to try them! So we always strive to prioritize brands with sleep trials.

Our Shopping Checklist

Material and Fill

Memory foam pillows are primarily made with polyurethane fill, and covers can be made with anything from polyester to cotton. Fill is either shredded or in one piece, according to Cushner. “Shredded pillows are either 100 percent memory foam or a combination of latex or fiberfill,” he explains. Memory foam pillows with shredded interiors can be adjusted (some brands, like Coop, will even include extra filling), while one-piece memory foam pillows are not adjustable. 

Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your memory foam pillow depends on the pillow itself. Some have removable covers that can be washed, while others are spot-clean only. For pillows like the Marlow, it’s suggested that the sleeper occasionally refluff to help it maintain its form. And please: Never put the memory foam part of a pillow in a washing machine. 

Ask Domino

Q: Will a memory foam pillow get softer after use?

Yes, memory foam pillows tend to get softer and lose their shape over time. “One-piece pillows start to develop permanent indentations, and shredded memory foam pillows become lumpy,” says Cushner. Keep an eye on this as an indication for when it might be time for a replacement.

Q: How many memory foam pillows should I use?

This is up to the sleeper, says Cushner. Depending on how much loft you like to sleep with, you’ll either want to stack them or sleep with just one. While testing, we noticed that some, like Saatva’s, offer enough loft on their own, while others, like Marlow’s, do better when stacked on a down pillow. 

Q: How often should you replace a memory foam pillow?

Cushner suggests replacing memory foam pillows every three years (at most) since they eventually lose their ability to regain their shape.

The Last Word

Memory foam pillows are great for people looking to feel supported when they sleep. While most are firm, the best memory foam pillows strike a balance between firm and soft while also keeping things cool. Saatva’s version was our choice for best overall because, after nights of testing, it proved to feel the most luxurious and cooling and offered enough loft.