Published on February 2, 2016

by Michelle Gage


This self-proclaimed mermaid paints seaside works of brightly-colored pastels. Blakely Little’s beautiful boats make every day feel like a day at the beach.


Britt Bass masterfully mixes color into the most charming way. Keep an eye out for her highly anticipated new series, launching in February!


For whimsical artwork and mugs to match, look no further than Evelyn Henson. Her shop stocks everything from artisan prints and paintings to phone cases and calendars.


Kathryn Zaremba, former child star turned artist, creates perfectly patterned fabrics and wallpaper. Her whimsical hand adds a touch you’ll need to celebrate within your home décor.


For the young at heart, Lisa Golightly paints with a nostalgic hand. Her paintings mirror family photographs and capture familiar memories of a childhood spent under the sun.


Kelly Ventura is a fine artist with a cheerful approach to painting. Her watercolors blend saturated hues beautifully to create charming works of art.


Abstract artist, Hillary Butler, paints with an optimistic hand and spreads the cheer throughout her community. If you find yourself in Memphis, stop by one of Hillary’s workshops to learn how to paint like a pro from the master herself!


Emily Jeffords fresh landscapes bring delightful scenes of nature inside. In addition to composing the perfect oil painting, Emily also teaches Instagram classes to help emerging artists and entrepreneurs grow their brand and business.


Kate Roebuck instantly emits that cool girl vibe, which she effortlessly translates into her work. This new momma’s pieces pack a glowing, graphic punch.


This dreamer and designer makes magic every time she picks up a paintbrush. Katherine Jury brings happiness home in both paintings and pillows.