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On Christmas day, once the presents are opened, the toys assembled, and the brunch consumed, you’ll need something to do. If you’re in the mood for a movie, read on for our crowd-pleasing list of movies perfect for a Christmas Day viewing.

First up, Annie Hall. The family with a strong sense of humor will appreciate this Woody Allen classic, right down to the holiday visit with Grammy Hall.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding A family-appropriate, hysterical comedy, nobody will say no popping this on the big screen and sharing a few laughs.

The Godfather Without kiddos around, a Godfather marathon is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing, lazy Christmas.

When Harry Met Sally With one of the best New Year’s Eve scenes ever made, this classic rom com is a great way to prep for the next holiday.

You’ve Got Mail Another great Christmastime flick, You’ve Got Mail will bring you back to the days of dial up. Ah, nostalgia.

The Cutting Edge There are a million reasons to love this film (toepick!), but we love how it nails both Christmas and New Year’s.

Bridget Jones’ Diary Ladies, this one’s for you.

200 Cigarettes  Go back to the 80’s and reminisce about everything you loved (or didn’t!) about the boisterous decade.

The Princess Bride The one film literally every single family member will love. Inconceivable!