the top 10 movies to watch during a thanksgiving food coma

when your thanksgiving marathon meal has you feeling too stuffed to function, recover with one (or all) of our timeless favorites—because you’re too full to focus on an oscar contender.

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The Tearjerker: Forrest Gump

It’s true that life is like a box of chocolates, but on Thanksgiving you know what you’re going to get: ample family time.  So, when you’re ready for a different type of drama, immerse yourself in Forrest’s story.

The Coming-of-Age Classic: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

It would be irresponsible not to include this sick-day legend on a list of films to watch when you’re basically couch-ridden.

The Hitchcock Horror: The Birds

After watching this famed thriller, you’ll be perfectly content spending the day (or weekend) safe inside the house picking at Thursday’s leftovers.

The Activity Inducer: Mission: Impossible

If anything will inspire you to get out of your post-meal slump and do something active, it’s an action packed spy movie.Then again, you might just decide to sit still and watch the sequels.

The Crowd Favorite: Toy Story

Fun for all and all for fun, this original Pixar home run is safe for ages 1-100.

The Esteemed Indie: The Big Lebowski

There’s no better time to watch this comedic crime classic than when you’re feeling immobile on a big comfy couch.  We’re pretty sure “the Dude” would be right there with you.

The Revered Romance: When Harry Met Sally

Partaken in too much pecan pie? Harry and Sally can relate. It’s the oldie that never gets old.

The Side Splitter: Airplane

A film as timeless and dependable as your turkey dinner recipes, this tried and true comedy transcends generations.

The Spirit Lifter: Little Miss Sunshine

This feel good flick is a friendly Thanksgiving reminder that family is ever-so-important–and that yours isn’t as dysfunctional as you think.