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Chevron floors—aka the almost identical twin sister to herringbone floors—are sophisticated in a way the pattern usually isn’t… Which means we are obviously huge fans. It doesn’t even matter if your chevron crush is on authentic, vintage flooring or the newer, sleeker version—we’re all ears. Or eyes, rather. Read on to see 31 of our favorite floors that range in stain, board width, and angle. (There are plenty more neutral-inspired spaces like the one you see here!)

This space’s surfaces evoke an incredible feeling of texture. This knotty, deep stained wood pairs naturally with the white gray marble kitchen bar and smooth, black wood cabinets.

Chevron floors don’t have to be made with wood—they can be marble, too. This streaky white gray variety is creating a jealousy in our hearts we weren’t aware was possible.

Everything about this wide open dining area feels modern, but still lived in. But without the patterned wood floors, the space might feel empty, or worse, boring.

Confused? That console is gold mirrored, which explains the reflected chevron floors you’re seeing.

Parisians don’t mess around with their floors, proven in this Airbnb. Yep, you can really stay here—for 908 euros per night.

Not all patterned wood flooring has to make a statement. This gray washed floor, for instance, accents the modern decor of the space without stealing the show.

Mixing wood stains in dishes and other tables brings a rustic feel to this chic, modern apartment.

Notice the thinner boards used in this older chevron floor. It’s obviously part of the sophisticated architectural bones (see those moulding details?), making the addition of mod furniture and artwork a fun contrast.

This light and airy space is made better by the details closer to the floor, including the white marble ledge and light washed wood.

Make a real statement and paint over your chevron floors with a glossy finish. This white, black, and gray space is truly stunning.

A bit more eclectic, this paint project alternates every few boards to create a negative space pattern that is one of the most unique flooring designs we’ve ever seen.

We’re loving the effect these shorter, wider boards have on the chevron pattern. With the decor, a more feminine atmosphere is easily created.

If you’re currently screaming “HOME GOALS”, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We did it too. Who could resist after seeing this perfectly modern space?

Make your floors the star of the show by using a knotty wood and alternating in shade. The matte black cabinets, otherwise white walls, and neutral, modern decor don’t hurt, either.

Bonus: When your windows let in enough natural light to bounce off your expertly installed, dark chevron floors.

Wider sometimes is better, especially with chevron floors. The obtuseness of this pattern complements the mix of modern and shabby chic yellow and green decor.

Take your chevron floors one step further and create one row of diamonds running through your space. We are seriously impressed.

The contrast between the light and dark long boards creates an eye-catching pattern for this Paris apartment.

One thing’s for sure—if we install chevron floors in our home, they are going to be EVERYWHERE. Like this rare shot of a bedroom with an extra wide, obtuse design.

This tight, short board pattern contrasts with the expansive black and white walls of this hallway in just the right way.

Though the chevron pattern is angular in nature, it still feels soft in this neutral, natural-light filled space.

The knotty, washed appearance of this wood lends a textural feel to this already texture-filled dining space.

Eliminate the possibility of a boring entryway with a stunning floor that will make guests gasp.

Though the wear on these floorboards is evident, we don’t mind it. Sometimes newest isn’t always best.

We had to make one exception! Chevron paneling as wall decor is just genius.

There’s something about a

matte black kitchen

paired with gray wood floors that works. Keep the inspiration coming!

Would you be surprised to know two interior designers live here? No? That’s what we thought. The thoughtfulness put into the details in this high-ceilinged space inspire us to do more with the space we have.

Though we do feel a twinge of sadness throwing a rug over a perfectly good (read: impressive, beautiful)

chevron wood floor

, we understand.

The rich and contrasting textures of marble, smooth wood, and a patterned floor is a trio we want to see more of.

What better space to make a statement than the entryway? Especially one this spacious.