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At this past month’s Studio CB2, a monthly workshop hosted by CB2, Havenly, and Domino Design Services, we sought to help YOU with your design dilemmas. Audience questions—photos included—lead to lively discussions on how to solve design issues we’ve all run into.

Our Editor in Chief, Jessica Romm Perez, was on hand with all the answers. Explore her advice below and remember, every dilemma has a solution.

Dilemma #1:

Keeping a desk in the bedroom—do or don’t?


It’s up to you! But if you do opt to keep a desk in your bedroom, make it multifunctional and a source of inspiration—not a dumping ground for bills and stressful to-dos. Hang an inspiration board above your desk and keep bills in an organized, tucked away file.

Dilemma #2:

Purchasing a bunch of furniture pieces that all feature different wood finishes and types of metal fixtures.


Bring in even more mixed metals in the form of accessories. Balancing your metals by adding a silver accent to a table that has gold metal in the design will create a more cohesive space.

Dilemma #3:

Inheriting a mishmash of old furniture that does not work in your space.


Get rid of your furniture graveyard and make sure to keep scale in mind when mapping out your space. Create zones—one for seating, one for your bed, one for your desk—and keep a consistent color palette in mind. Consider reupholstery and DIY renovations for pieces that have potential, but don’t feel bad about tossing or donating items that don’t work in your space.

Dilemma #4:

Having a huge bedroom and lots of empty wall space.


Bring in more textures on the floor, like a cozy, textured rug, and some additional seating. Create a welcoming space that fosters conversation, a nook for reading, or both. Having a comfortable space to hang in your bedroom that isn’t your bed is invaluable.