11 arguments for a diagonal rug

a fierce way to style your rugs.

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Sometimes you get more bang for your buck by placing a rug diagonally. This rug would be too small to provide the floor coverage it gives now if it were instead placed straight. This strategy is also great if you want your rug mostly on one side of your bed, but don’t want to visually cut your room in half.

Turning your rug even just a bit is an easy way to make a home feel lived in, not overly styled.

Embrace your oddly shaped room by arranging the furniture diagonal to your rug, creating a visually interesting space.

At first glance, you can’t even tell that these bold, striped rugs are placed diagonally in the room. But at second glance, you can tell the stripes are running in the opposite direction of the floor boards.

Layering one rug diagonally over another is a comfortable way to add more floor coverage and color to a room without giving up the traditional

rug placement

we’re all used to.

Diagonal rugs also work wonders when you have to put your TV in an unideal location, forcing you to arrange your furniture at an odd angle.

Using diagonally placed rugs to cover corners—or the entirety—of your living room floor is a great alternative to custom carpeting.

Diagonal doesn’t have to mean a loss of symmetry. If you have enough space to set up your rug—and living space—at a diagonal, you can still set up your furniture within the rug to be symmetrical.

In this corner bedroom, we can’t even really tell what rugs and furniture are set at a diagonal, which is the point! Everything looks naturally placed and comfortable.

This nursery is proof you really can lay your rug wherever you feel like it, and it will probably work.

Ditch traditional rug laying altogether and angle it however you please to provide maximum floor coverage—and minimal under the bed overlap.

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