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If you’re bored of your straight old floorboards, take a look at our favorite herringbone floors. Trust us, it will be love at first sight. And while we love wood herringbone flooring (in all finishes, of course), out of the box materials are cool, too. Think brick, carpet rectangles, bathroom tiles, and painted designs. Keep reading to see 27 inspirational herringbone floors we can’t get enough of.

The light-washed wood pairs well with pastel walls.

The patterned floorboard design truly add an air of sophistication to any space.

This space would be totally different without these beautiful, black floorboards.

With herringbone floors, the design itself acts as a point of visual interest for the room, which is why they work so well in minimalistic spaces like this monochrome white room you see here.

The stark contrast between the clean black and white lines of this kitchen and the almost geometric pattern on the floor keeps this kitchen from feeling sterile.

This bathroom is proof you can mix tile colors and patterns successfully.

Is this not one of the most beautiful floors you’ve EVER seen?

As if having herringbone flooring wasn’t enough, the residents of this home went and washed different designs into the floor.

The gray floors paired with the light gray marble and sleek white cabinets make this kitchen space the definition of #goals.

Incorporate the color of your door (and in this case, ceiling!) into your floors by alternating a few different paint shades like you see here.

Minimal black, white, and wood rooms are simple and elegant.

What’s not to love about this vibrant and eclectic space? (If you’re thinking the floor, we can’t be friends anymore.)

You can also create natural room divisions with your flooring.

Take your tile up your wall, because herringbone isn’t limited to your floors.

This tile and wood combination herringbone floor is not only stunning, but impressive.

Remember, tile doesn’t have to be contained to your bathroom or kitchen backsplash.

Pay attention to which way the arrow-like design runs. Here, it’s pointing to the wall, not the sink.

This might be the CUTEST design idea for a children’s room—EVER!

The vintage-looking floors combined with the shiny new white cabinets creates a contrast we can get behind.

The light finish to this herringbone floor almost blends right into the marble walls.

While most herringbone flooring we see today is paired with whitewashed minimalist design, that doesn’t have to be the case. These floors go with any design aesthetic.

See, herringbone flooring even adds a regal element to a room already filled with ceiling-height mirrors and a grand chandelier.

We love how theres just enough room for two diagonal designs in this long kitchen.

Take herringbone floors outdoors (or to your indoor patio!) with bricks.

Alternate wood or tile finishes for added visual interest.

As you can see, lengths of the decorative design differ from floor to floor. We love this short version just as much as the newer, larger designs.

Simply stunning.