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Gone are the days when drinking wine on-the-go required lugging around a heavy glass bottle and corkscrew. Haven’t you heard? You can buy good (like, actually good) wine in cans and lightweight boxes, similar to the packaging of our other favorite go-to, but much less important beverages, beer and coconut water. So whether you’re getting ready for a weekend on the water or preparing for a picnic in the park, it’s time to invest in a six-pack of rosé.


Seven Daughters

Seven Daughters wine is crafted with seven types of grapes for a delicious, perfectly harmonized flavor. For the ideal grab-and-go option, they offer both Pinot Noir and Rosé in cans. The Rosé, from Italy, is bursting with flavors of strawberry and melon.

Social Sparkling Wine

Social Sparkling Wines are certified organic, only 88 calories per can, low sugar, and gluten and sulfite free. Oh, and did we mention they come in three delicious flavors, like hibiscus cucumber, toasted coconut almond, and grapefruit ginger.

Black Box 

This new Black Box dry California Rosé is built around the Syrah flavor profile and will pair well with your favorite warm-weather dishes. Bonus: it’s super affordable.

Babe Rosé

If it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for us. Babe Rosé was featured on her must-have list. This sparkling canned wine was founded by the social media stars behind White Girl Rosé (@thefatjewish and @whitegrlproblem). It’s a blend of Pinot Grigio and Primitive varietals with hints of honeydew.


If the can alone hasn’t sold you on this Ramona wine cooler, then the fact that it’s organic, fizzy, and grapefruit-flavored will.


Alright, while not technically wine, these fizzy, fruity drinks are begging to be mixed with your favorite wine for a customized wine spritzer. Plus, the cans are cute.

Sans Wine Company

Featuring organically grown grapes from Napa Valley, Sans Wine Co. makes wine that’s “sans additives, sans chemicals, sans pretense.” Choose from Rosé of Carignan, Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, or the mixed selection to try them all.

West Side Wine Co.

How can we not love wine that’s in a gold can? From California, Westside Wine Co. canned wine comes in both white and red varieties, each containing one and a half glasses of wine.



This Oregon-based winery has canned four variations, including their Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Rosé, and a Sparkling wine (that’s sold out until November 2016, so you know it’s good). A four-pack of each will set you back only $28 and there are around two glasses per can.


andit Wines

We see a lighter bottle to carry, Bandit sees earth-friendly packaging that saves them—and us—money. Buy personal-sized or bottle-sized cartons of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet, or a Red Wine Blend, and enjoy.


arefoot Wine

Yep, starting this summer your favorite affordable winery is making cans, too. They carry both a Summer Red and Crisp White Spritzer available nationwide.


uza Rosé

Brought to you by Winc, our favorite wine club-turned-producer, we promise Ruza will not disappoint. It’s the perfect fruity, sparkling, American rosé your summer needs. (Seriously, just look at that can.)


resto Sparkling Cuvée

If Whole Foods is already your go-to, one-stop picnic shopping spot, you’re in luck. A four-pack of Presto Sparkling Cuvée is only $13, meaning you can enjoy your cheese and crackers in style with a side of Prosecco—without making a pit stop at the liquor store first.


he Drop

They say their rosé is as light as a four day work week, so of course we’re going to give this one a try. Use their interactive map to find a location near you, with most carriers located in New York City and the Hamptons.


ield Recordings Wine

Find four-packs of both Fiction and Alloy canned wines, just make sure to get them before they’re sold out! (Or pre-order for when they’re next available.)



These cans of low calorie sparkling Rosé Lime and Red Sangria look like they belong on the water. They’re emblazoned with Breton stripes, after all. P.S., They’re also infused with six natural ingredients, so that basically means they’re good for you, right?



Who needs a flask when you can have a flasq bottle of wine? The containers, that hold two full glasses of wine, are aluminum, eco-friendly, and easy to chill. PSA: They bottle multiple years dating back to 2009 (fancy).


he Infinite Monkey Theorem

The company’s motto is “ridiculously good wine in a can”, which definitely has our attention. Plus, a four-pack is only $15.


ila Wines

Not only will you be drinking wine out of a can, but a super cute can inspired by the origin and taste notes of the wine it holds. Discover a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, a Rosé from France, and a Pinot Grigio from Italy before summer is over—quick!


ancan Wine

Serious shopper alert: You can buy 24-packs of Mancan online for $105. Choose between a white blend (in flat or fizz!), a red wine blend, or all three! Because sometimes, you gotta invest in your summer fun.


oppola Winery Sofia Mini

This tiny, stylish red can is packed full of a sophisticated Sofia Blanc de Blancs blend. If you buy a four-pack, you also get a decorative pink box.