the best bedrooms of 2015

15 rooms we wouldn't mind waking up in.
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Farmhouse decor ideas Blue and Green and Red Kid's room
Photography by LINDSEY ORTON

Kids’ room, guest room, you decide. We’re too busy swooning over the worldly (we had to) backdrop.

Farmhouse decor ideas Green and Pink and White Bedroom
Photography by LINDSEY ORTON

An all-white backdrop sets the scene in this inspired bedroom, featuring an eclectic assortment of cozy textures, eye-catching patterns, and one woven

ceiling chair

that completes the look.

Black Bedroom

An intricate wallpaper lends a charming layer to the traditional details of this quaint bedroom setup.

Bohemian Decor White Bedroom
Photography by AMY BARTLAM

Simplicity reigns free within a soothing palette of elevated neutrals and earthy details in this serene master bedroom.

Photography by Kristin Jackson

Teenage boys and styled interiors may be an unlikely pair, but this dreamy space surely defies that stereotype.

White Bedroom
Photography by SARA & RICH COMBS

A vibrantly patterned rug lends an inviting tone to the whitewashed aesthetic of this Joshua Tree Airbnb.

This just may as well be the most well-decorated guest house we’ve seen in a while. From the

bold floral wallpaper

to the eclectic decor, there are no shortage of inspired details in this Californian escape.

Farmhouse decor ideas Blue and White Kid's room
Photography by LINDSEY ORTON

Wallpaper on the ceiling? We can’t think of a better spot for such a dreamy print, which so effortlessly complements the soothing tones of the space.

Black and White and Wood Bedroom
Photography by SARA & RICH COMBS

The quintessential desert oasis, decked with a fierce mix of vintage details and textured accents of a worldly sort.

Blue Bedroom

Offset the intricacies of a graphic wallpaper with a split tone design highlighting a complementary hue. Tour this dreamy bedroom here.

Photography by Monica Wang

Our favorite part of this teeny bedroom setup? The clever cut-outs between the bed and the nightstand, to allow for easy access to bedside items!

White Kid's room

A whimsical wall decal sets a playful tone in this delightfully decked space for the little ones. Tour the rest of this stunning beach house here!

Farmhouse decor ideas Green Bedroom
Photography by LINDSEY ORTON

Classic meets modern in this cozy space, where a neutral palette is accentuated by elegant details and a refined set of patterns.

Photography by Lauren Edith Andersen

A soft blush wall paint sets a soothing tone within this modern setup, accentuating the vibrant details of the decor.

Bohemian Decor Red and White Kid's room
Photography by AMY BARTLAM

An eclectic assortment of inspired patterns lend a timeless element to this lively nursery.

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