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Bath mats may be a small element of your bathroom’s decor, but a brightly patterned or uniquely textured style can pack an impactful punch. Just like towels, they’re a low-cost and quick way to refresh your room, whether you’re ready for a vibe shift (like swapping out something modern for a cozier look) or want to inject a bold color without the commitment of paint.  

Regardless of your design or color preferences, the best bath mats have a few features in common: They are durable, long-lasting, and, of course, absorbent. Read on to discover our favorites, from a graphic kilim to quality basics.

Our Favorites

Best Patterns: Quiet Town Bath Rug

The Best Bath Mats Option: Quiet Town Bath Mat

Dimensions: 31-by-24 inches  | Shape: Rectangle | Type of material: Cotton | Color: Multi 

What we like:

Worth noting:

  • Recommended to hand-wash

Why we chose it: Colorful designs in a quick-drying material.

If you’re looking for a bath mat with enough presence that it could double as a wall hanging, a Quiet Town kilim is it. Handmade in India using a traditional flat-weave construction, these rugs come in a variety of patterns (from tribal to geometric) and wide range of colors, ensuring you can find a pattern that matches nearly any style of bathroom. And not only do they feel great on bare feet, but they dry quicker than a thicker-pile bath mat.

Best Check: Anthropologie Checkerboard Bath Mat

Anthropologie Tufted Checkerboard Bath Mat

Dimensions: 34-by-21 inches | Shape: Rectangle | Material: Cotton

What we like:

  • Timeless pattern
  • Machine washable

Worth noting:

  • Tuft could develop loose ends

Why we chose it: A retro-cool check in a selection of pastels.

Anthropologie is known for its colorful prints and unique pieces, and its home decor section is no different. Take this checked bath mat—it’s monotone look comes in shades of lilac, coral, ginger, and guacamole (yes, really). Without a doubt, the iconic pattern has staying power, and that mixed with this mat’s tufted texture makes for great characteristics to elevate your bathroom. 

Best Value: Room Essentials Every Day Chenille Bath Rug

The Best Bath Mats Option: Room Essentials Every Day Chenille Bath Rug

Dimensions: 20-by-32 inches | Shape: Rectangle | Material: Cotton

What we like:

  • Machine washable
  • Very affordable
  • Range of colors

Worth noting:

  • No rubber bottom

Why we chose it: Quality construction at an affordable price.

Whether you’re looking for a budget refresh or to outfit a dorm bathroom, this rug from Target can add a pop of color for under $10. It comes in a range of trending colors, which means you can find one to match your style (and at that price, you could even swap them out seasonally). We love that this mat is also available in a longer runner style, which is perfect next to a bathtub. 

Best Basic: Amazon Superior Combed Cotton Bath Mat

The Best Bath Mats Option: Amazon Superior Combed Cotton Bath Mat

Dimensions: 22-by-35 inches | Shape: Rectangle | Material: Cotton

What we like:

  • Sleek design
  • Machine washable

Worth noting:

  • Some colors don’t match imagery

Why we chose it: Absorbent design at a cost we like.

Who wants to chance slipping on wet tile post-shower? No one. But beyond function, bath mats should feel like a soft treat for your feet, too (that means one step closer to a spa-like shower experience). We love this combed bath mat from Amazon for its absorbent, durable cotton construction and simple, ribbed design—which feels great on your toes. Sold as a set of two, these mats come in more than 15 colors, from basics like ivory and graphite to aquamarine and copper.

Best Textured: Coyuchi Organic Bath Rug

The Best Bath Mats Option: Coyuchi

Dimensions: 24-by-36 inches | Shape: Rectangle | Material: Cotton

What we like:

  • Extra-large size
  • Textured design
  • Thick, absorbent pile

Worth noting:

  • No bright colors

Why we chose it: Tone-on-tone elegance that’s also absorbent.

It’s not just colors or a printed design that can make for a style-forward bath mat: A textured weave can also achieve the same goal. Coyuchi’s comes in a range of muted tones like a soft white called fog and a gray-blue dubbed ocean, all of which feature a geometric pattern woven into the organic cotton rug. This style is also slightly bigger than an average-size mat, which makes it ideal for extra-wide showers or in front of a tub.

Best Colors: Hawkins New York Plush Terry Bath Mat

The Best Bath Mats Option: Hawkins Bath Mat

Dimensions: 20-by-32 inches | Shape: Rectangle | Material: Cotton

What we like:

  • A range of bright colors
  • Thick pile
  • Absorbent terry

Worth noting:

  • No rubber bottom

Why we chose it: Saturated colors in a plush mat.

Whether you’re channeling a mid-century modern vibe with mustard yellow or simply want to swap out your standard white bath mat, Hawkins New York has a pretty shade for nearly every style of bathroom. Moreover, these Portuguese-made babies are superplush, absorbent, and feel delightful underfoot—we won’t blame you if they tempt you into two showers a day.

Best Teak: Utoplike Teak Wood Bath Mat

The Best Bath Mats Option: Utoplike Teak Wood Bath Mat

Dimensions: 18-by-24 inches | Shape: Rectangle | Material: Teak

What we like:

  • Sturdier than bamboo
  • Grippers on the bottom
  • Scratch resistant

Worth noting:

  • Less absorbent than cotton
  • Smaller than most mats

Why we chose it: A minimalist, elegant choice for those who don’t like cotton mats.

Whether you have a sauna or are just dreaming of one, a teakwood bath mat can make you feel like you’ve landed in Finland. We love Utoplike’s for its rich red hue, scratch-resistant surface, and the fact that it will never get that “old towel” smell (you know the one). It also features a raised surface to allow water to drain down between the slats and grippers on the bottom of the four corners to keep it from slipping.

Best Knit: Serena & Lily Healdsburg Bath Rug

The Best Bath Mats Option: Serena & Lily Healdsburg Bath Rug

Dimensions: 21-by-34 inches | Shape: Rectangle | Material: Cotton

What we like:

  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • Two sizes
  • Very soft

Worth noting:

  • No rubber bottom

Why we chose it: Classic knit style with adorable tassels.

Serena & Lily is known for pieces that exude luxurious beach-house vibes, and this bath rug is no exception. First off, it’s high quality: handwoven, long-staple, 100 percent Turkish cotton that is both absorbent and very soft underfoot. Second, we love the knit design of alternating stripes and tassels finishing each end; it’s ideal for your place on Cape Cod or anywhere you want to inject a bit of seaside elegance. It also comes in a range of beachy colors, like three shades of blue and a dreamy peach hue called pink sand.

Best Stripes: Bolé Road Textiles x West Elm Bath Mat 

West Elm Bolé Road Textiles Bath Mat

Dimensions: 36-by-24 inches | Shape: Rectangle | Material: Cotton

What we like:

  • Hand-spun
  • Organic cotton

Worth noting:

  • Machine-wash cold
  • Pricey

Why we chose it: Unique, handmade quality that feels custom.

If you’re dipping your toe into splashy color decor, any vibrant piece from Hannah Getachew’s Bolé Road Textiles is a great place to start. This bath mat from her line, which features a stripe design in a punchy blue and gray combo (or a tan and gray for those who lean more neutral), is hand-dyed in Ethiopia. Plus its thin, woven cotton easily clears under a shower door if you want it to cover a flooring transition.

How We Chose These Products

There’s truly a bath mat for everyone. Our favorites were carefully chosen by Domino editors, with an eye toward design, durability, price, and absorbency. We researched materials that are easy to care for (and chose all washing machine–friendly mats, except for the teak, of course). These winners will not only look fabulous on the floor, they’ll offer years of use. We also reached out to Ali Budd, president and creative director of Ali Budd Interiors, to give an expert’s opinion on style, care, and shopping for the best bath mat for your bathroom.

Our Shopping Checklist

Overall Design

The design of your bath mat should, of course, complement the decor of your bathroom. If you have walls with a busier wallpaper, for example, you might want to choose a solid color mat in a coordinating shade. If the reverse is true—solid color walls and tiling, for example—then a bold, patterned bath mat is an easy way to inject a bit of fun into the space. And while you can opt for rugs in unique shapes like circles or flowers, a classic rectangle will be the easiest to place near a tub or shower.


Most bath mats clock in around 20-by-30 inches, give or take a few. This standard size will work well in front of nearly all showers and bathtubs. But if you have a double vanity or want a rug that stretches the length of your tub, consider a longer runner (mentioned in several picks, above).


The depth of bath-mat pile is mostly a personal preference, but there are other factors to keep in mind. If you have a shower door that nearly skims the floor, you’ll want a low-pile rug that won’t interfere such as a flat-weave. Thicker-pile mats will feel very luxurious, but they take longer to dry after use.

Nonslip Grip

Grippers on the bottom of the mat are a must for any wood or teak bath mat, as those may get slippery when wet. For fabric rugs, generally the thicker the pile, the more necessary a grippy bottom may be, so consider it a worthy feature to look out for (nothing ruins a relaxing bath like a face plant as you’re stepping out!).

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you opt for a unique rug, you do run the risk of having to hand-wash it. But most 100 percent cotton rugs should be fine to run through the washer and dryer. “We recommend washing your bath mat every one to two weeks,” notes Budd.

Ask Domino 

Q: What is the best material for a bath mat? 

Cotton, and that’s a popular choice for a reason: It’s moisture wicking, durable, and though naturally strong enough for daily use, still soft underfoot. Budd adds that cotton is also the easiest to clean and maintain.

Q: How often should I replace my bath mat? 

Your bath mat (like your shower curtain) is likely to get worn down much faster than other textiles in your space, so starting with a sturdy material will go a long way. “I recommend replacing your bath mat every one to two years,” says Budd. 

Q: Can I wash my bath mat in the washing machine? 

Washing this bathroom accessory on a weekly basis can help prolong its life. For the most part, bath mats can go in the washing machine. However, certain handwoven rugs are more delicate and should be hand-washed to better preserve them. Check your rug’s care label for specific instructions. 

Q: Do bamboo bath mats get moldy? 

While bamboo bath mats are often complete with wide-open slats for your wet mess to dry (more breathing room!), they can definitely get moldy. Washing your bamboo bath mat by hand in warm soapy water weekly and allowing water to evaporate entirely between each use will help keep it clean. A teak bath mat is a better option, however, if you’re looking to reduce the chance of mold (teak is naturally mold- and mildew-proof).

The Last Word

Bath mats are an easy and affordable way to change up your bathroom’s decor. The best bath mats are fast drying and around 20-by-30 inches in size. And whether they’re high- or low pile, they absorb water to keep it from dripping all over your floor.